Dubspot Interview: Kahn and Neek (Bandulu Records / Bristol) Talk UK Sound System Culture, and More!

In this video interview we speak with up and coming DJ/producers Kahn and Neek about their vinyl-only Bandulu Records imprint, UK sound system culture, their collaborative projects, and more!

While in New York City last year for the second anniversary celebration of Brooklyn’s Reconstrvct party, Kahn and Neek stopped by Dubspot NYC HQ in the West Village of Manhattan for a brief interview about their collaborative projects, the history and current landscape of UK sound system culture, bass music, their influences and inspirations, and much more.

Kahn and Neek are without a question two of the top contenders in current UK sound system culture. Individually, Kahn has released forward-thinking, boundary pushing bass-centric music on well-respected imprints such as Peverelist’s Punch Drunk Records and Mala’s Deep Medi Musik Recordings, while his partner Neek has been DJing and putting together nights in Bristol since he was eighteen years old. The two met at Sureskank Convention, a Bristol party and collective focusing not only on dubstep and grime, but also roots reggae and classic dub music.

In 2012, Kahn and Neek started the Bandulu Records imprint, an outlet for their grime-infused riddims and the productions other up and coming artists and friends. The label’s first release, the contagious and now out of stock at most fine retails, Percy / Fierce, is a classic example of traditional, if we may say so timeless grime a-la Pulse X. The tune which became a YouTube sensation with a handheld camera shot of Neek and his friends riding around Bristol in a car while blasting the tune. The tune is relentless, tough and effortlessly shows why grime is still one of the most powerful and vital genres in contemporary club music.

Listen to a selection of sounds from Kahn & Neek below: