Joshue Ott Presents Multi-User Art Exhibit

Dubspot’s good friend Peter Kirn – founder and editor in chief of Create Digital – is taking part in a special exhibit at the Devotion Gallery: Joshue Ott Presents Multi-User Art.  As advocates of open-sourced software, a special group of 21st Century technological artisans have created a fully interactive environment, in which visitors can use their own mobile devices to become involved with the experience.  In Peter’s own words: “iPhone/iPad-controlled art, wireless signals transmitted to mirrors, optical illusions, and digital painting – it’s all here.  Stop by Friday for the opening, then learn more at Saturday’s workshops.  I bet my piece can make you dizzy (literally).”

The exhibit opens on Friday, April 9th, at 7pm, and runs until April 25th.  More information is available on the Devotion Gallery website.