iOS Music App Roundup: Triqtraq, dot Melody, Brute LFO, Earhoof, Boinkss +

In this month’s iOS music app roundup we look at new iOS music applications: the new jam sequencer Triqtraq, the dot Melody polyrhythmic sequencer, Brute LFO, the Earhoof granular synthesizer, and a unique graphic audio interface called Boinkss.


dot Melody

Dot Melody is a new app from Olympia Noise Co., who also made one of our favorite iOS applications for chords: Chordion. This new app is being billed as “a simple, beautiful, & unique interface for creating music on the iPhone.” From our experience, Dot Melody offers an intuitive sequencing experience that allows you to choose polyrhythmic time signatures and scales to build a structure for composition. Once you choose a few variables you’ll get lost connecting nodes and playing with different parts of the interface to “create intertwining melodies, bass lines, and beats.” Dot Melody is currently $2.99 at the app store and well worth its low price for creating cosmic melodies. 


Triqtraq is a new “jam sequencer” that is aimed at making loops and sounds with real-time control for jam sessions. The instrument works as a sampler, sample player, sequencer, effects processor, synth, and mixer with an easy-to-understand interface and automation abilities for recording your tweaks on the go. It’s currently $2.99 and getting nice reviews at the app store.

 “Triqtraq is the ultimate jam sequencer for electronic music producers or djs who want to make music on the go, or improvise live. while it lets you create great sounding musical ideas with ease, triqtraq offers many surprising musical features that will please even experienced beat creators.” –


Earhoof is a granular synthesis instrument from developers Psicada that “turns your iPad into a rhythmic gradient of sound.” This clever application allows you to layer multiple audio files and manipulate them through Earhoof’s unique user interface. Earhoof is currently $3.99 at the app store and getting great reviews.

“Earhoof is a musical instrument which combines a powerful sound generating engine with an innovative rhythmic playback mechanism. simply by holding the surface, complex rhythms trigger and seamlessly transition, while the sounds the internal sequencer generates continuously vary as you glide your fingers across your device. even though earhoof is easy to play, its flexibility makes it easy to create your own techniques.” –

Brute LFO

Need an extra LFO for your modular or semi-modular rig? Brute LFO is a brilliant little app from developer Justus Kandzi that uses your iPhone or iPad’s audio output to send CV signal to your gear. It offers three LFOs that can be synced, detuned, and cross-modulated. Brute LFO is $4.99 at the app store.

“The brute lfo is a powerful low frequency oscillator that modulates your analog gear. It consists of three separate LFOs. LFO one and two can be controlled using the control elements in the top half of the screen. The big knob in he middle sets the rate of both the LFOs. Additionally, you can change the waveforms, detune LFO 2 and change its phase. The amount knob in the top half also sets the overall amount of the modulation.” –


Boinkss is a unique sound application that uses graphic images to create sounds. The user interface combines a drawing interface and a physics engine to create generates soundscapes that can be quite eerie. This app is currently available in the UK and we’re hoping for US release soon.

“Boinkss is a sound toy that uses simulated physics to create shifting sonic patterns and freeform sequences. The player draws colourful lines and shapes, then drops bouncing balls into their creation. The collisions of the balls results in dynamic and varied sounds. The different colours in the palette relate to different sound types, which can be combined in many different ways.” -