iOS / iPad Music Production App Roundup: Cycling 74′s Mira for Max, Serato Remote, The Yellofier, Pixivisor +

Cycling 74 Mira for Max

Cycling 74, makers of the popular Max and Max for Live software have released a new iPad application called Mira ($49) that looks to be a game changer for iOS and Max integration. The app works as a mirror (mira – get it?) to Max 6 on the computer, “allowing interfaces to be mirrored automatically on an iPad as they are created on in the Max desktop application.”

“With Mira, we wanted to make mobile device control a natural extension of the Max patching experience, without the need to worry about networking protocols or a separate UI design process,” said David Zicarelli, Cycling ’74 CEO. “If you move a slider on an iPad, the slider moves in Max, and vice versa. That’s all there is to it.”

Pixivisor Video Over Audio

PixiVisor is a new audio/visual app by talented developer Alexander Zolotov that allows you to combine audio and video signals that can be recorded, manipulated and shared between two devices to create unique sounds and visual textures. The app consists of two parts: The Transmitter converts video to sound while the Receiver converts the sound back to audio. You can use either device on its own and we found the Transmitter to be a unique and inspiring sound design tool by itself. If you have two iOS devices (the app also runs on Android and works cross-platform) you can use them together to send signal from one device to the other for real-time performance or experimentation (see above). At $1.99 you can’t beat it for creating unique audio and video effects.

“PixiVisor is a revolutionary tool for audio-visual experiments. It’s a simple and fun, cross-platform application with unlimited potential for creativity. Transmitter converts the video (static 64×64 image or 10fps animation) to sound, pixel by pixel (progressive scan). This lets you listen to the sound of your image, but the main function of the transmitter is to transmit the signal to the receiving devices. Receiver converts the sound (from microphone or line-in input) back to video. You can set the color palette for this video, and record it to animated gif file.” – Alexander Zolotov

Serato Remote

Digital DJs who use Serato will be pleased to know that the company has recently released an iPad application called Remote that allows you to control cue points, loops and samples from your iOS device. The app is currently available for $19.99 at the App Store.

“Serato Remote will connect seamlessly to your Serato laptop software and work with all supported Scratch Live and Serato DJ hardware. Control Cue Points, Loops and Samples and manipulate FX in ways that weren’t previously possible. Perform all of your favorite Scratch Live and Serato DJ functions without needing to touch your laptop. Connect over USB for ultra low latency or wirelessly, freeing you to move around the stage.” – Serato

The Yellofier by Boris Blank and Håkan Lidbo

Yello’s Boris Blank and Swedish producer Håkan Lidbo have recently collaborated on the new Yellofier app, which creates music out of raw sounds. You can upload your own tracks or use pre-installed songs from Carl Craig, Trentemøller, Booka Shade, Matt Johnson and others. The app is a bit gimmicky but for $2.99 there’s not much risk to see what these two music legends have created.“Oh Yeah” by Yello

Boris Blank and Dieter Meier made music history as Yello and revolutionized electronic music far beyond German-speaking borders. Håkan Lidbo is from Stockholm and has released 300 LPs, including everything from aspiring club music to acoustic experiments. He sent music to space and let monkeys from the Stockholm Zoo play on synthesizer.

Mode Machines xoxbox

Developer Alexander Smith has released a free iPad version of Mode Machines’ popular Xoxbox monosynth. The Xoxbox, a clone of Roland’s vintage (and very expensive) TB-303 Bassline, provides a much more affordable way to get that acid sound.

Dubspot blog editor Michael Walsh is a  journalist, DJ, music producer, and Dubspot instructor. He believes in open-source ideas and advancing the evolution of music by sharing ideas that push technology in new directions. As a catalyst for of electronic music’s growth, Michael was co-founder of the Ritual Recordings house imprint, helped develop numerous club nights and events, and has curated music for corporate events with clients such as Nokia, Puma, and Betsy Johnson. Michael has been a professional DJ for over two decades and produces house and techno music under a number of aliases.