iOS / iPad Music Production App Roundup: DM1, iVoxel, Stochastik, iConnect Muse

In this week’s iPad / iOS music app roundup we take a look at updates from DM1 Drum Machine and iVoxel Vocoder as well as a new method for sequencing with Stochastik Drum Machine and some new iOS connectivity options with iConnect Muse.

DM1 Drum Machine Version 2.0

FingerlabsDM1 app is a beautifully-designed virtual drum machine that offers a large bank of sounds and extensive control for sound and sequence editing. We’ve been fans of the DM1 since its inception and while there are many drum machine applications on the iOS platform, this one has stood the test of time and workflow to become one of our favorite rhythm applications.With DM1 version 2.0, Fingerlabs has added some cool new functionss such as “The Randomizer” and “The Automation” that offer ways to change up your patterns for more complicated grooves. Patterns are now expandable to 32 Steps which furthers the ability to create complexity. With 24 new drum kits AudioCopy, WIST synchronization and MIDI in, the DM1 Drum Machine is looking like a complete package for rhythm creation that slides into your budget at a cool $4.99 on the Apple’s App Store.

Stochastik Drum Machine

Stochastik Drum Machine brings a new philosophy to step sequencing on the iPad. While most drum sequencers are designed to keep the beats in the places you choose, Stochastik brings the idea of randomized change to your workflow with a bit of control on the randomization. “Stochastik lets you set a probability that a note will trigger for each of the steps in your pattern. Once you add chance into the mix, one loop can generate thousands of variations.” While the interface isn’s quite as slick as some other sequencer apps, Stochastik does seem to have a lot happening on the programming end. “We start with a fantastic drum machine and add the power of a Stochastic Process to generate dynamic beats. In the time it takes to set up a single measure, you can generate thousands of unique variations. You just set up your basic rhythm and layer on some notes that trigger occasionally; the Stochastik Process will run the combinations and produce dynamic beats that sound great and keep it interesting.” Stochastik is currently under review in for the App Store and will sell for $4.99 when it is available.

iVoxel Vocoder Version 2.0

iVoxel was the first dedicated vocoder app for the iPad and it’s just seen a revision with version 2.0. The $5.99 application now offers: Realtime pitch following, Automatic tuning correction, improved sound quality with analog oscillators,  polyphonic sequencer, Voxel editing, audio file conversion, hi-end Reverb, virtual MIDI, Soundcloud integration, WIST synchronisation and a new user interface. Although we haven’t tested it in real-time, iVoxel sounds really nice in the demos. We’re looking forward to putting this app to work in the coming weeks.

iConnect Muse

Iconnectivity, makers of the very popular iConnect MIDI hardware, have announced a new iPad accessory that will appeal to mobile audio enthusiasts. iConnect Muse is “a palm-sized personal mini-mixer that combines several music accessories into one iOS controlled product.” The device is like a small breakout-box that offers six stereo inputs and six stereo outputs, each with its own unique mix. In addition iConnect Muse delivers two USB device ports, hub-able USB Host Port, two input and two output 1/4″ audio port jacks, a headphone monitor jack, Ethernet connection for network sharing, and a MIDI pass-thru interface. The iConnect Muse lands this summer with a price tag somewhere around $229.99

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Dubspot blog editor Michael Walsh is a  journalist, DJ, music producer, and Dubspot instructor. He believes in open-source ideas and advancing the evolution of music by sharing ideas that push technology in new directions. As a catalyst for of electronic music’s growth, Michael was co-founder of the Ritual Recordings house imprint, helped develop numerous club nights and events, and has curated music for corporate events with clients such as Nokia, Puma, and Betsy Johnson. Michael has been a professional DJ for over two decades and produces house and techno music under a number of aliases.