New iOS / iPad Music Production Apps: EDGR808, Arpeggionome Pro, Audulus Modular, ST-S01

In this month’s iOS / iPad music production app roundup we take a look at the Audulus modular synthesizer, a re-creation of Roland’s TR-808 drum machine called the EGDR808, the ST-S01 step sequencer and a robust iOS arpeggiator app called Arpeggionome Pro.

Audulus Modular Synthesizer

Developer Taylor Holliday’s Audulus is a modular synth application for iPad that allows you to build instruments and effects and route them to one another through virtual cables on the iPad’s multitouch screen. The application is built around the original Audulus for OS X and offers numerous modules including an oscillator with four types of analog waveforms, an ADSR envelope, a noise generator, filters, pitch shifters, a delay, a reverb and a four-channel mixer. Audulus is currently available in the App Store for US $14.99.

EGDR808 HD Drum Machine

Jonesing for a Roland TR-808 drum machine? Developer Elliott Garage has created something to keep you entertained while you save up for one with the EGDR808 HD app. The 16-step Roland-style drum machine application has just been updated to version 2.0, offering a new song mode, a swing/shuffle control, tap tempo, a new user interface, Korg Wist sync, and iPhone 5 optimization. EGDR808 HD is available in the App Store for $2.99.

StepSequencer ST-S01

Recent iOS updates have greatly enhanced MIDI capabilities on the iPad, and developers such as Matthias Schorer are taking advantages of this new potential to create dedicated sequencers like StepSequencer ST-S01. The ST-S01 takes its design and functionality cues from old school hardware sequencers but offers analog-style sequencing for far less than you’d pay for the real thing. StepSequencer ST-S01 features 16-step or 8-step modes on two different MIDI channels and compatibility with MIDI clock, start and stop commands. MIDI connecxtions can be made to the sequencewr through an interface or over Wi-Fi. The ST-S01 has been announced with a price of $3.99 but has not yet appeared in the App Store.

Arpeggionome Pro

Developer Alexandernaut’s Arpeggionome Pro is an arpeggiator app with varied and powerful methods of generating notes, scales and patterns for your tracks. The developer explains that it can be used to “design and perform intricate patterns of musical notes at incredible speeds and with precise control.” Alexandernaut also offers a lite version of the software (called simply Arpeggionome), but this latest pro version brings a redesigned interface, parameter-change quantization, and a robust MIDI implementation. According to the developers, “the most powerful upgrade to the original is the Arpeggionome Pro’s rock-solid MIDI implementation. With the Arpeggionome Pro, you can control other iOS MIDI applications, external MIDI devices, and computer software.” Arpegginome Pro is currently available for $19.99 at the App Store.

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Dubspot blog editor Michael Walsh is a  journalist, DJ, music producer, and Dubspot instructor. He believes in open-source ideas and advancing the evolution of music by sharing ideas that push technology in new directions. As a catalyst for of electronic music’s growth, Michael was co-founder of the Ritual Recordings house imprint, helped develop numerous club nights and events, and has curated music for corporate events with clients such as Nokia, Puma, and Betsy Johnson. Michael has been a professional DJ for over two decades and produces house and techno music under a number of aliases.