Introducing Beatport Mixes: A New Platform to Sell Your DJ Mixes Online

Although DJ mixes and recorded live sets have been at the heart of the electronic music scene since the beginning, selling them has always been a problem for copyright reasons. This has always been an area where technology has run ahead of the law, and there has never been an easy and legal way to sell music that incorporates large or small chunks of other artists’ work in your own.

Why can’t there be some kind of online system where you could sell your remixes or DJ sets online, listing your sources, and the original producers would get paid as well as part of the deal? It seems like a no-brainer, but for a long time it seemed that these thorny questions of ownership would never be resolved, and DJ mixes and remixes would forever be relegated to a hazy semi-legal underworld.

Recently, though, we have seen some innovative new technological solutions to these issues. One of these is Beatport’s new Mixes service, which allows you to sell your DJ mixes online and return a share of the money to the producers of the original tracks with just one catch — all the music you include needs to have been purchased from Beatport.

According to Beatportal, Mixes is “a new service that lets the world’s top DJs offer up long-form mixes to dance music fans worldwide.” Although so far the service is still in beta and general users cannot directly upload new content yet, Beatport has stocked it with mixes from a broad slate of well-known DJs including Diplo, Fedde Le Grand, Todd Terry,  and Stefano Noferini.

The DJ is the backbone of dance music. DJs [have] been the direct distributor, and mixtapes are the way I can bring fresh sounds to people. – Diplo

Although at the moment you can still get away with uploading your DJ mixes to Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or similar online hosting services, technically this violates copyright law, takedowns do happen, and in the future record labels and other copyright holders may well decide to enforce their rights more vigorously on these services. Once their beta testing is finished and Beatport Mixes is open for business, it will provide a convenient and legal alternative for distributing and selling DJ mixes online.

As mentioned above, there is just one limitation to this service — although Beatport’s announced terms for selling the mixes (Mixes cost $5.29, the DJ gets 10%, the labels get 60%, and the performing rights organizations get 30%) will automatically pay the original copyright holders of all tracks released through Beatport itself, there is no way to have tracks from other sources (other online stores, unreleased promos, etc.) included in the tracklist or receive payment from Beatport.

If you want to find out more about Mixes and sign up for an invitation to the service, just head to Beatportal for more information.