International Student Video Spotlight! JayD – producer, lyricist, and rapper (Kathmandu, Nepal)

In this international student video spotlight, we interview Jigme Dorje aka JayD, a New York City-based producer, lyricist, and rapper originally from Kathmandu, Nepal.

International Student Video Spotlight! JayD - producer, lyricist, and rapper (Kathmandu, Nepal)

In this new series, we will be highlighting some of our global students in an international student video spotlight format. Our first student is a multi-talented musician from Nepal, Jigme Dorje.

Jigme Dorje a.k.a. JayD or simply JD is a New York City-based producer, lyricist, and rapper originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. JayD grew up in Dargeeling India, and studied Buddhist philosophy and poetry. In his youth, he spent time listening to hip hop, jazz, and traditional music from Nepal and India. He is constantly exploring new sounds and has collaborated with various artists in Nepal and around the globe, transcending genres and boundaries and seeking something new. Culturally Tibetan, JayD takes pride in preserving the culture and language of the Tibetan people. He samples Tibetan folk songs in his music “to spread awareness to the younger generation of Tibetans” and bridge the generation gap between young and old. JayD recently signed with Money Affiliated Records and has a mixtape and album slated for this Fall and Winter.


Check out some recent sounds from JayD:

“I have friends who are great producers but that wasn’t enough. I would try to explain what I wanted to hear or how it’s playing in my head and they would try to make something close to it but never could they capture what I’m imagining. I don’t blame them either, how could they know what was going on in that thick skull of mine. See, only you can create what you see, the rest can only make something close to it and that is why I joined Dubspot. This school has given me the confidence and has helped me sculpt my sound just how I want it. The classes and the whole set up is amazing and the instructors are very informative. But the best part is the atmosphere created by the students and the teachers, it’s learning and teaching what you love. It’s more than ‘just a school.’” – Jigme Dorje

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