Holiday Gift Guide for Music Producers

In this 2015 Holiday Gift Guide, we have rounded up some the best of the best music gear gifts to give (and get) this holiday season for music producers.


Ableton Push 2 | Ableton Live Controller

Like the original Push, the new version brings hands-on creation of melody and harmony, beats and song structure. Now designed and engineered entirely by Ableton, Push has a new level of playability that puts even more elements of song creation at your fingertips while seamlessly working with Live. The redesigned Push features a new large multicolor display that adapts to show what you need and keep you in the creative flow. Library navigation, sample waveforms, effects parameters and mixer levels are instantly visible on the display and tweakable via the touch-sensitive encoders. In addition, Push now has fast and flexible sampling workflows that let you slice samples across the pads and play back single hits and timestretched samples. Create looping instruments on the fly, chop up drum kits from recordings, or play longer rhythmic samples back in tempo – all without taking your hands off Push. There’s even more musical and expressive pads integrated. Push’s new pads have been carefully redesigned to feel just right for musicians of all kinds. Softer, smoother, and more responsive, they provide the perfect playing experience for creating beats and melodies.

Pricing and availability: The new Push is available to buy from, online or a local music store, priced at $799. Find out more about the new Push


Arturia BeatStep Pro | Controller Sequencer

Arturia’s BeatStep Pro is one of the most coveted hardware devices that emerged at NAMM 2015 and has been appearing in all sorts of music studios. This world-class controller, performance sequencer, and composing tool can be used on stage or in the studio for anyone who prefers hands-on experience with sequencing. Designed to play well with MIDI, USB, CV/Gate, and even DIN Sync platforms, the BeatStep Pro offers two independent melodic sequencers, each with 64 steps per sequence and a drum sequencer that has 16 separate tracks per sequence. BeatStep Pro brings together powerful performance effects such as a looper with a touch strip, a randomizer, swing settings, and many other tactile controls to step up your performances. BeatStep Pro also gives you full control of virtual devices, analog and digital instruments, drum machines, and iPad apps all at once.

Pricing and availability: BeatStep Pro is available to buy from, online or a local music store, priced at $249. Find out more about BeatStep Pro


Novation Circuit | Grid-Based Groove Box

Circuit is a new grid-based groove box driven by two Novation polysynths and a four-part drum machine, combined with an intuitive 128 step grid-based sequencer. The standalone box comes loaded with built-in effects, eight synth macro controls, four drum parameter controls, a library of patches, and heaps of other powerful features that will give you all the tools needed to create music. In addition, its compact design, built-in speaker, and battery power allows you to create music anywhere. Circuit can be used in the studio working alongside your standalone synth gear as well as run in sync with your music software.

Pricing and availability: Circuit is available to buy online or a local music store, priced at $329.99. Find out more about Circuit


Roland Boutique Series | Compact Sound Modules of Legendary Synths

The Roland Boutique Series has just been launched, featuring all-new compact sound modules that recreate renowned analog synthesizers from Roland’s historic past. Powered by the acclaimed Analog Circuit Behavior technology, the limited-edition series includes three modules based on the JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, and JX-3P instruments from the 1980s. Loaded with hands-on controls derived from the original synths, each module can be used as a tabletop MIDI device or mounted in the optional K-25m Keyboard Unit to create a standalone compact synth.

Pricing and availability: The Roland Boutique line is available to buy online or a local music store. Find out more about the Roland Boutique series

Roland JU-06 Boutique Synthesizer Module: $299
Roland JP-08 Boutique Synthesizer Module: $399
Roland JX-03 Boutique Synthesizer Module: $299
Roland K-25m Keyboard: $99


Yamaha reface Series | Mobile Mini Keyboards


Yamaha’s reface Mobile Mini Keyboards combine the legendary sound of classic synthesizers and ultra-mobile design with connected creativity. Based on legendary synthesizer models like the DX7 or CS series, the company presents four compact instruments, which play to their strengths on the road, on stage or even in the studio. reface is perfect for songwriters, sound designers, live performers, and those looking for access to an instrument that allows them to react when inspiration strikes. Their compact design, integrated stereo speakers, and battery power make the reface quartet ready to play at all times.

Pricing and availability: Yamaha’s reface Mobile Mini Keyboards line is available to buy online or a local music store. Find out more about the reface Mobile Mini Keyboards

Yamaha reface CS | Analog modeling synth: $499.99
Yamaha reface DX | FM synth: $499.99
Yamaha reface CP | Electric piano: $499.99
Yamaha reface YC | Combo organ: $499.99


Roland SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT | Software Synthesizer

The SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer is a modern reproduction of the now-legendary semi-modular monosynth from 1975. It integrates the features of the original Model 101 Synthesizer and Model 102 Expander units, resulting in an incredibly fat and uniquely versatile two oscillator monosynth with modular routing capabilities. Designed for SYSTEM-1 and 1m as well as Mac and PC hosts, the new SYSTEM-100 uses Analog Circuit Behavior to faithfully recreate every detail of the warm, expansive sound of the original, with a level of authenticity that can only come from Roland.

Pricing and availability: SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT is available to buy from, online or a local music store, priced at $195. Find out more about SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT


Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators | Mini Synthesizers

Pocket Operators

Experience a fresh new way to create music using your thumb with three different cleverly designed Pocket Operators by Teenage Engineering. The PO-12 rhythm, PO-14 sub, and PO-16 factory are pocket-sized battery-powered synthesizers that feature animated graphics, real synthesizer engines, sync, punch-in effects, built-in speakers, alarm clock, and more for a low price, making electronic music fun anywhere, anytime.

Pricing and availability: All three Pocket Operators are available to buy from, online or a local music store, priced at $59 each. Find out more about Pocket Operators


Moog Mother 32 | Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

The Moog Mother-32 is the first tabletop semi-modular synthesizer from Moog. It is a distinctive analog instrument that adds raw analog sound, sequencing and extensive interconnectivity to any electronic or modular ecosystem. This expansive new live performance and production instrument is handcrafted in Asheville, NC and has been meticulously designed to provide musicians with a diverse array of creative tools to inspire new music, unique sound and endless sonic exploration. 

Pricing and availability: The Moog Mother 32 is available to buy online or a local music store, priced at $679. Find out more about Moog Mother 32


Akai MPC Touch | Production Controller

Akai Professional has announced the release of the latest addition to the legendary MPC series, the MPC Touch. The new intuitive controller features multi-touch functionality that allows you to grab and pinch waveforms, draw midi events, adjust envelopes, chop samples, add effects and precisely set your controls using your fingertips. Combined with the classic MPC feel, sound and vastly improved pads, the Touch embodies the best elements of our past while taking music production tech into the future.

Pricing and availability: The Akai MPC Touch is available to buy online or a local music store, priced at $799. Find out more about MPC Touch


Prophet-6 Desktop | 6-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

The Sequential Prophet-6 desktop module is Dave Smith’s tribute to his groundbreaking analog polysynth, the Prophet-5.  The desktop version is as powerful and easy to use as its counterpart, the Prophet-6 Keyboard. The module has all of the same controls as the keyboard version and provides the same immediacy and ease of use — with absolutely no menu diving. As with the Prophet-6 Keyboard, all parameters are at your fingertips, with full-sized knobs and switches and a comfortable, intuitive layout. Some notable features include two discrete filters per voice, a studio-grade, digital dual effects section, analog stereo distortion, onboard arpeggiator and step sequencer, a knob-per-function top panel, and a new poly chain feature that lets you pair any two Sequential Prophet-6′s for twelve-voice polyphony.

Pricing and availability: The Prophet-6 desktop module is available to buy online or a local music store, priced at $2199. Find out more about Prophet-6 Desktop


Slate Pro Audio RAVEN MTi2 | Multi-touch Production Console

The RAVEN MTi2 by Slate Pro Audio is a 27” Multi-Touch Production Console powered by new RAVEN 3.0 Control Software that adds customized multi-touch control of Ableton Live, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, Logic Pro X, Protools 10-12, and Studio One V3. RAVEN MTi2, users have access to multi-touch faders, pans, sends, and can tweak plugins with their fingers as if they were real hardware. The RAVEN 3.0 Control Software also features a user-customizable multifunction TOOLBAR and the award-winning BATCH COMMAND SYSTEM, a powerful automated task application that will save audio engineers hours per day by cutting out tedious technical tasks.

Pricing and availability: RAVEN MTi2 is available to buy online or a local music store, priced at $999. Find out more about RAVEN MTi2


The SubPac M2 | Tactile Bass System

The new SubPac M2 is a wearable tactile audio system that offers state-of-the-art bass response technology that gives creators and fans an immersive personal audio experience, allowing them to feel the physical dimension of sound wherever they are while being quiet to the outside world. Used in studios around the world and championed by industry leaders, SubPac combines new proprietary tactile transducers and vibrotactile membranes with a fully redesigned form factor to bring you a powerful and accurate bass and sub-bass monitoring system that is wearable.

Pricing and availability: SubPac M2 is available to buy from, online or a local music store, priced at $399. Find out more about the SubPac


Dubspot Gift Certificate | The Gift of Learning


Did you know that Dubspot offers gift certificates for our programs? Give your loved one the gift of knowledge this season with one of our music production or DJ courses that can expand sonic vocabulary and launch you into new heights of creation. Any Dubspot program, course, or weekend workshop can be scheduled and wrapped into a gift for your music lover. We can even arrange private one-on-one sessions with our instructors at an affordable price. Call 1.877.DUBSPOT (1.877.382.7768) for details.


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