Hip Hop Producers Adrock, Shocklee + Making Beats w/ Reason

Beastie Boys‘s Adrock,  turntablist Mix Master Mike, The Bomb Squad’s Hank Shocklee (Public Enemy), Dilated Peoples’s DJ Babu, and DJ Khalil (who has made beats for Eminem, Dr. Dre and others) are among all featured in this  video from Propellerhead talking about their love of Reason, and some of their favorite features in the music production software. Adrock likes to work with Dr OctoRex, Mix Master Mike loves the sequencer and synths, Shocklee is into designing/creating effects, DJ Babu enjoys the ease of the workflow, etc. “It is simply a beat-making weapon!”

Hip hop producers (well, producers in general) are you persuaded at all after all this endorsement from these pioneers and influential producers?

  • Reason 5 beat making tutorials
  • 9/29/2010

Bad thing about it is most of the ICON producers is when they show you what they’ve made in reason 8/10 times it sucks. It sounds good to those who don’t make hiphop but to us hiphop heads we listen and we hear subpar music. Khalil and toomp are the only reason users making noise with Reason (the main ones at least

  • NeSumMC
  • 9/29/2010

Its obviously containing alot of features and possibilities! I believe there are MANY ways of doing it and if you choose REASON (or any other) you just stick to it and explore it to the fullest. Peace to All