Hatcha @ Dubspot – DJ / Dubstep Pioneer (Kiss 100 / Sin City / Rinse FM / Big Apple / Tempa)

Dubstep pioneer DJ Hatcha stopped by Dubspot headquarters in NYC recently to  talk about the beginnings of the deep bass movement, how far it has come, and where it is going.

As one of the central figures in the early days of dubstep, Hatcha has played a pivotal role in popularizing this sound from his position at the influential Big Apple Records record shop in Croydon, England, where he pushed vinyl into the hands of heavyweights such as Skream, Plastician, Digital Myztikz and others.  Also one of the initial dubstep residents on Rinse FM, Hatcha is one of those most responsible for the rise of dubstep – and actually coined the phrase ‘Dubstep’…  He now spins regularly on Kiss FM alongside Crazy D.

In our interview with the seminal UK DJ, Hatcha discusses the emergence of this sound sound and how he was able to contribute to its evolution over the years.  Hatcha sees himself as a DJ among producers and has set himself apart by selecting only the tracks that he deemed best and tirelessly learning his instruments. Hatcha stresses the importance of determination and drive while constantly improving your skills.  Embracing the many faces of dubstep, Hatcha has made his reputation as an ambassador for the genre in all of its forms.