Groundislava Video Interview @ FoF 2-Year Anniversary by Dubspot

Last week we debuted the first in a series of Dubspot-produced video interviews from the Friends of Friends 2-year Anniversary party in Los Angeles. For our second installment of Dubspot’s video recap, we have 8-bit maestro Groundislava (a.k.a. Jasper Patterson). Talking to our very own Professor Nalepa, Patterson gets into his gear, both at home and on stage, his creative process, and even hints at some forthcoming material. To hear more from Patterson, check out the in-depth interview we did with him and the rest of the FoF crew back in June.

This last year was a big year for Patterson, his self-titled debut LP for FoF a breakout for an artist who wasn’t sure if his unique sound would find a home. Building dizzying melodies out of equally disorienting beat structures, Patterson’s music seems to fall off the face of the earth just as it bounces effortlessly like Mario across the proverbial screen. Case in point is his track “Panorama,” taken off a free EP titled College for Dogs, where Patterson begins with an uneasy drum pattern, creating astute tension before releasing his unmistakable melodies into the atmosphere like fruity soda carbonation.

On his FoF full-length, Patterson expands on his nostalgic love for the visual and aural frontier of the 80’s-era gaming world with a record that is as fresh as it is vintage sounding. But rather than write a record that simply recalls a certain era, Patterson wrote a collection of tracks that play as celebratory rather than heartsick longing for a bygone era. The result is an album that is bonafide pop music, transforming the 8-bit simplicity of early gaming soundtracks into lush worlds of 21st century sound design. “A Grass Day,” in particular, captures these tensions with sunny samples of bird chirps before drums cascade and bass synths swell, foregrounding weight while the chirps make up a background of airy freedom.

These elements seem to coalesce and form a loose, unhinged sonic territory for both Patterson and his Friends of Friends label mates. A fluid interest in genre, definition, tempo, and time begins to make up the FoF mission statement, pushing on expectations, ear drums, and ultimately the future of electronic music.

  • Four Horsemen
  • 8/8/2011

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