Goth-Trad (Deep Medi / Japan) Video Interview + New EP ‘Babylon Fall’ w/ Max Romeo

Dubstep may still be somewhat underground in Japan, but the country’s primary bass export Goth-Trad is a monster on the international scene. As a kid he was tuned onto the sounds of electronic music bands and labels like Kraftwerk and Warp Records thanks to foreign television stations. And now, many years later, he releases most of his music on one of Britain’s most influential dubstep labels, Deep Medi. He recently came to the US to perform at the Together Festival in Boston. While he was here, we hosted a workshop with him and caught some footage of it. Above, he discusses his musical evolution and means of production -like a fondness for the Boss RE-201 space echo pedal and building instruments.

On Oct 3rd, he’ll drop a new EP with Deep Medi called Babylon Fall, where he brings more of the tough, filthy bass vibrations he’s come to be known for. Goth-Trad has steadily crafted visions of dark outer realms with works like the guttural and dubby “Law“, the ominous alien communiqués of “Two Faced“, and the alarming, boiling “Recovered” remix. A tense, metallic aura permeates his sound, and this new release sees an even higher saturation of sludge bass wobbles. The record will also feature new vocals by influential reggae artist Max Romeo.

[Goth Trad - "Sublimation" | Photo by Dat]

“Sublimation”, which plunges deep and fast in an exploration of crisis, is the stand out track of the EP. The mission is introduced with a taut steady pulse that grows slightly in intensity coupled with ocean floor effects. In drops throbbing warbles that bubble and wrap the quickened structure in subs. Echoing drum skins dance about smashed snares that bound in broad steps over engine driven kicks. Leagued steel drums encase the track while it races to save underwater metropolises. As the sunken monument comes into sight, it takes a brief pause in skittery suspense before exploding in a harder, faster rhythm and wailing layers of synth melodies.

Babylon Fall EP drops October 3rd on Deep Medi Musik