Goth-Trad (DEEP MEDi, Japan) @ Dubspot: Live Streaming DJ / Producer Workshop! 8/27 7PM EST

On Monday August 27th at 7:00PM (EST), Deep Medi Musik label artist Takeaki Maruyama a.k.a. Goth-Trad will come to Dubspot NYC to present a live, streaming workshop (RSVP HERE TO ATTEND IN PERSON). Maruyama will share production insights and techniques and talk about his unique live performance setup, utilizing a live mixing console, effects processors, and drum machines/emulators, along with a MIDI controller and siren machine. One of our Dubspot instructors will also be there to help explain how the rest of us might get some fresh ideas we can use from Goth-Trad’s setup and techniques.

Dubstep may still be somewhat underground in Japan, but the country’s primary bass export, Goth-Trad, is a monster on the international scene. As a kid he was turned onto the sounds of electronic music from Kraftwerk, Warp Records artists and others thanks to foreign television stations. Now, many years later, he releases most of his music on one of Britain’s most influential dubstep labels, Deep Medi. His most recent album, New Epoch, marks his fourth full-length release and was very well-received in the dubstep and bass music communities.

Goth-Trad was a special guest at our series of workshops and panels on electronic music production and performance at the Together Festival, Boston 2011; check out this recap video.

“To be honest with you I’m not listening to Dubstep that much, the whole reason I got into making Dubstep is because it’s free. You can do anything with it. Take it all sorts of directions… I’m always looking for more directions and styles within my work, but I’m not really thinking I’m doing Dubstep. I’m just doing my sound. I’ve been doing this style of music for almost ten years and I just say all this music is bass music. I’m putting a lot of variety into the new album. Some tunes are very techy, some tunes are much more experimental, a bit glitchy. There may be some more banging stuff. I have lots of ideas to keep moving with.” - Goth-Trad