GOTH-TRAD (DEEP MEDi, Japan) @ Dubspot – Advice, Ableton Live, Analog Gear +

Last year Dubspot had the privilege of hosting Deep Medi Musik label artist Takeaki Maruyama a.k.a. Goth-Trad for a discussion on his live performance setup, his introduction to Mala, and his inspirations for creating bass music.

Prolific bass music producer and Deep Medi Musik artist Goth-Trad stopped by Dubspot last year to host a live workshop on his unique live performance setup, utilizing a live mixing console, effects processors, and drum machines/emulators along with a MIDI controller and siren machine. While he was here we also got a chance to ask about his beginnings in the dubstep scene, how he met Mala, and his impressions of the bass scene worldwide. The above video is a recap of our visit with this master of dark and moody bass music.

“To be honest with you I’m not listening to dubstep that much, the whole reason I got into making dubstep is because it’s free. You can do anything with it. Take it all sorts of directions… I’m always looking for more directions and styles within my work, but I’m not really thinking I’m doing dubstep. I’m just doing my sound. I’ve been doing this style of music for almost ten years and I just say all this music is bass music. I’m putting a lot of variety into the new album. Some tunes are very techy, some tunes are much more experimental, a bit glitchy. There may be some more banging stuff. I have lots of ideas to keep moving with.” - Goth-Trad

GOTH-TRAD – Exclusive Mix Recorded @ Dubspot NYC! Podcast 031

GOTH-TRAD (Deep Medi / Japan) – Exclusive Mix Recorded @ Dubspot NYC! Podcast 031 by Dubspot


01. GOTH-TRAD – Grind (dub)
02. GOTH-TRAD – Dark Path (DEEP MEDi)
03. Karma – Meanings (dub)
04. GOTH-TRAD – Cosmos (DEEP MEDi)
05. GOTH-TRAD – Axis (dub)
06. GOTH-TRAD – Seeker (DEEP MEDi)
07. GOTH-TRAD – Man in the Maze (DEEP MEDi)
08. GOTH-TRAD – Departure (DEEP MEDi)
09. Distance – Traffic [GOTH-TRAD Remix] (Planet Mu)
10. GOTH-TRAD – Air Breaker (DEEP MEDi)
11. GOTH-TRAD – Itinerant Priest (DEEP MEDi)
12. Pampidoo – Synthesizer Voice [GOTH-TRAD Remix VIP] (dub)
13. GOTH-TRAD – Cut End VIP (dub)
14. Johnny Osbourne – Fally Ranking [V.I.V.E.K. Remix] (Greensleeves Dubstep)
15. GOTH-TRAD – Meteor (dub)
16. GOTH-TRAD – Born To Know (dub)
17. GOTH-TRAD – New Epoch (DEEP MEDi)


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