VJing, Live Visuals + Videos w/ Glowing Pictures (V Owen Bush + Benton-C Bainbridge)

Dubspot recently had to opportunity to talk with V Owen Bush and Benton-C Bainbridge of Glowing Pictures. The company was founded in 2004 and they have created unique live visual experiences and installations for institutions such as The American Museum of Natural History, Lincoln Center’s Walter Reed Theatre, and Eyebeam Art+Technology Center. They have also collaborated and worked with musicians and bands such as the Beastie Boys, TV on the Radio, Dirty Projectors, and Steve Nalepa to create some of the most visually stunning music videos we’ve seen over the last few years.

In this Dubspot video profile, Bush and Bainbridge talk about the origins of Glowing Pictures, their individual workflows and visual composition processes, and inventing their own tools to create the visual content and narrative they imagined. They also discuss the current state of VJing and live visual performance, and creating unique live visual experiences to inspire and educate.

V Owen Bush and Benton-C Bainbridge co-created this video for Dubspot instructor/course designer Steve Nalepa’s track “Daytime”:

Steve Nalepa – “Daytime” (2012)