iOS Roundup: 5 iPad Music Apps for Production and Live Performance w/ Conductr, KORG iM1 +

In this iOS Roundup, Dubspot’s Rory PQ shares five impressive iPad music apps for music production, live performance, recording, and even learning music theory. 


Conductr | Ableton Live and Traktor Pro Controller for iPad

Developed by the Barcelona-based company Patchworks, Conductr is a fully flexible iPad music app that allows producers and DJs to interact with Ableton Live and Traktor Pro a new way. The interface allows users to design a controller that works with their specific needs providing the ability to create a unique experience. Conductr is a 100% mobile-oriented environment that artists can load and build modules to control key elements of their projects or performances instantly and efficiently with a simple tap of a finger or flick of the wrist. Conductr is available as a free trial version on the Mac App Store. A variety of in-app premium modules and packs are available for purchase as well giving users unlimited features and ability to personalize Conductr according to their needs. Learn more about this amazing app and download a copy to start building your custom controller here.

KORG iM1 for iPad

KORG’s all-new iM1 mobile digital synthesizer for iPad is a complete reproduction of the legendary M1 music workstation that has become a popular favorite in the music scene. KORG stepped up the design by including additional features and capabilities making the iM1 a seriously powerful, flexible, and professional environment for mobile music creation. The iM1 comes loaded with a gigantic sound library bringing 3,300 sounds to your fingertips using the new “Smart Sound Browser” making it quick and convenient to find the desired type of instrument or tonal character. The iM1 even features a “KAOSS pad” from the popular KAOSSILATOR, allowing you to perform intuitively just by touching or swiping the screen. By using the dual KAOSS pads to play chords or adjust the sound, even people who are not accustomed to keyboard instruments or knowledgeable about synthesizers can enjoy performing M1 sounds. There’s also a conventional virtual keyboard screen, as well as the “smart keyboard,” which lets you specify a scale setting appropriate for your song and play chords with a single finger. You can also connect a MIDI keyboard and play the iM1 as an external sound module. The iM1 is capable of so much more, visit the KORG website for additional details and download a copy on the Mac App Store for $19.99 here.

Polyplayground for iPad

Polyplayground by MIGAMO (Mike Gao Mobile) is an iPad music app designed to make understanding music theory easier and inspire the creative process. It’s interface allows users to easily create complex chord structures and melodies using color-coded buttons and geometric patterns rather than playing a conventional piano keyboard. The idea is to trigger various chord structures and progressions by learning Tetris-like patterns across a grid of notes. You can easily move from minor and major triads to seventh chords and up to ninth chords. Different layouts are available giving users a variety of pitch spaces to play. It’s truly impressive how easy it is to use these patterns to find musical inspirations. Polyplayground also has a synthesizer built in, with separate pitch bend controls for each finger. In addition, the app can receive MIDI input for live performance along with many other capabilities. Head to the Mac Apple Store to pick up a copy of Polyplayground for $18.99 here.

Waldorf Attack Drums for iPad

Attack Drums by Waldorf is an iPad music app migrated from the widely used Waldorf Attack virtual drum and percussion synthesizer VST. Attack Drums delivers an extensive amount of drum sounds suited to any musical style, all driven by a unique sound engine offering instant access to all sound parameters and an integrated 16-step sequencer. Attack Drums offers 24 programmable instruments that can be enhanced with one of four independent insert multi-effects. The sound engine is also capable of producing powerful polyphonic sounds capable of creating basslines, melodies, and lead sequences. Above that, Waldorf has also added a new Phrase Vocoder technology great for vocal effects. Attack Drums is a seriously in-depth musical instrument for the iPad and can be download at the Mac App Store for $14.99 here.

Mic Room for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Mic Room by IK Multimedia is microphone modeling app that gives you access to a whole collection of professional-level microphones on your iOS devices. Mic Room can be paired with any of IK’s digital and analog mics to give you complete access to a selection of the best dynamic, tube condenser, and ribbon-type microphones. The app is also expandable to even more unique microphone models via in-app purchase. In addition, Mic Room is the perfect companion app for iRig Mic Studio, iRig Mic HD, iRig Mic Field, iRig Mic, iRig Mic Cast, and other quality IK Multimedia microphones. Step up your studio and purchase Mic Room at the Mac App Store for $7.99 here.


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