How Drum Grooves Control The Genre of Music w/ Josh Bess

In this video, Dubspot Instructor and Ableton Certified Trainer Josh Bess explores some ideas and techniques from his new book “Electronic Dance Music Grooves.” The book provides insights to help you understand how to build exciting, powerful, and compelling electronic drum grooves. In addition, the book showcases approaches discussed in the Dubspot Music Foundations Level 1, and Ableton Live Production Courses.  

In this video, Dubspot Instructor and Ableton Certified Trainer Josh Bess explains how the drum grooves you create, and the sounds you use can change the genre and style of your music. Josh takes us further into this concept in his latest book, “Electronic Dance Music Grooves,” which provides insights to help you understand how to build exciting, powerful, and compelling electronic drum grooves.

Whether you’re into House, Techno, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Garage, Trap, Hip-Hop, or more, this book will help you take your skills to the next level. Josh Bess introduces an extremely efficient and intelligent groove-making system that will help you build the foundation for any style of music.

This book also provides a MIDI Map that includes grooves and samples designed to make it simple to create various drum patterns, grooves, fills, and transitions. Whether your preferred DAW is Ableton Live, Reason, Pro Tools, Logic, or any other popular music production and performance software application, you’ll quickly be equipped to incorporate these grooves and samples into your own creative workflow.

“Dubspot has been a life changing place for myself, not just from the amazing environment and inspirational instructors I’m able to hang with on a daily basis, but even more so from the students. I have never been involved with students with such motivation and drive to learn, along with the high amount of talent involved with many of them. Being a mentor to such great students is the most inspiring thing for me, I learn from them as much as they learn from myself. It definitely feels more like a family than a school.” ~ Josh Bess

What’s Included

  • Over 300 professional-quality drum and effect samples
  • More than 300 drum grooves and MIDI files
  • 17 Ableton Live Drums Racks

*Samples and sessions are delivered online to ensure access to all content, whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

All provided to support your creativity and electronic dance music production.

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Drum Grooves

About Josh Bess

Electronic Music Production Instructor

Josh Bess is an Ableton Certified Trainer, Musician, Producer, Sound Designer, and Author with expert level knowledge in live electronic performance, while holding a deep appreciation for the modern drum kit. Growing up in New York, Bess has been involved with music from an early age, performing with multiple artists, and employing a wide variety of styles as a percussionist. Alongside his percussive talents, Bess honed his interest in audio production, and earned his degree for Audio Engineering and Jazz/Commercial Performance, along with his Ableton Trainer Certification. Bess fuses his knowledge and ear for audio engineering and electronic workflow to develop the music he writes and performs live today.

In addition to performing under his own name, Bess continues to work with a variety of artists such as Vulpes, Andrew Gabriel, Gina Cutillo, and more, with song placement on programs such as Nickelodeon’s Degrassi, Disney Channel, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Barbara Walters, and more.

He also has another book called Ableton Grooves that focuses on acoustic drum programming using Ableton Live. With Ableton Grooves, Bess created and introduced the MIDI Map. This map is an original and powerful programming concept that, for the first time, empowers users to easily read MIDI Notation to help guide their drum programming.

An expert in performing with Ableton Live, Bess enjoys teaching beginner to advanced techniques, and is available for private lessons, lectures, workshops, academic training and consultations

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Music Foundations

The best producers, DJs, and musicians in the world strive to be well-rounded. So should you. In Dubspot’s Music Foundations Program, you’ll explore three major aspects of music: rhythmic theory, melodic theory, and critical listening.

Unravel electronic music’s origins, build your chops, learn musical language and theory, and make and play music the way you want.

What’s Included:

  • Music Foundations Level 1: Pads & Rhythmic Theory
  • Music Foundations Level 2: Keys & Melodic Theory
  • Music Foundations Level 3: Critical Listening

“This course exceeded my expectations. I went through everything I needed to have a solid knowledge of basic music theory.” – Jonathan Crespo, Miami

“MF has been an amazing experience! I didn’t realize I was going to learn so much about electronic music history, something my generation missed.” – Yianno Koumi, United Kingdom

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