Dutty Artz / Trouble & Bass CMJ Showcase: Shadetek, Mex w/ Guns, Drop the Lime, Deathface

Tonight! Trouble & Bass and Dutty Artz will hold this CMJ showcase at Public Assembly in Brooklyn.

It’s been a few years since there were only a couple bass music parties in New York, each of which repped a different wave of the spectrum. Things have certainly changed since then. But tomorrow, two crews from those humble beginnings circle back around toward each other for one of the few electronic music showcases during CMJ: Trouble & Bass and Dutty Artz. Although many things have changed in the short period that’s passed since the two began, much has remained the same.

[Deathface performing live @ SXSW 2011 - Photo by Doug Schwarz]

Trouble & Bass started about 5 years ago in various basements around the city, bringing together UK dance music with American club styles. Core members like Drop The Lime and Star Eyes were instrumental in their growth as a label and collective. Early on T&B focused mostly on bassline garage and dipped frequently into electro house. Those sounds are still present these days, but now you’re more likely to hear filthy dubstep and other mutant strains of jackin’ beats. It’s always been about the party for these night owls and it still is.

[Zombies For Money - Oy Shaba EP]

Also, check out a brand new EP from Trouble & Bass act, Zombies For Money. It’s available digitally worldwide now! Three wide-ranging tracks spanning cumbia, kuduro, tropical bass and house music, and it’s titled Oy Shaba!

[Contakt & Mayster - Korak (Matt Shadetek 3ball NYC Remix) | Dutty Artz 2011. Photo by Subcomandante Quito. ]

It was only 4 years ago that the Dutty Artz label and collective heat began to rise, exploring their love of tropical bass and animated gifs. Originally, the largest clash was between grime, dubstep, dancehall, and cumbia. Futuristic UK influences causing butterfly effects on equatorial sweatiness. In this sense, they still rock out along the same lines – but with an evolutionary take on things. Dubstep waned and a broader, clubbier electronic realm took its place. Meanwhile the interest in cumbia expanded into a pan-Latin perspective. Boundaries broke down in electronic music and their travels broadened to farther horizons. Tropical turned arid, cities flooded, and the streets were occupied. Music is part of a complex discussion among the Dutty Artizts, and their records facilitate cultural communication across softening borders. (Co-founder Matt Shadetek is an electronic music production instructor here at Dubspot.)

Gun Selectah “Como Un Perro” out now on FoF Music

Mexicans with Guns / Ernest Gonzales links up with Monterrey, Mexico’s very own Toy Selectah for a one-off 7″ for Friends of Friends! “Como Un Perro” out now FoF!

TROUBLE & BASS (Front Room) w/
Drop The Lime (DJ Set)
AC & Dell
The Captain
Samo Sound Boy
Zombies For Money

Gun Selectah (Toy Selectah & Mexicans with Guns)
Matt Shadetek
+ special guests

21+ // $10
Free w/ CMJ Badge!
10-12 :: 2 hours of free Milagro tequila cocktails in the Back Room!