Dutty Artz in XLR8R TV :: Jahdan & Shadetek

What is Dutty Artz?  Its creative freedom…

Here is a great new video that’s definitely worth checking out.  Produced by XLR8R, and brought to you by their Labels We Love compilation project, it features Dutty Artz honcho, and Dubspot instructor, Matt Shadetek, along with one of the label’s long time collaborators, Jahdan Blakkamoore, spreading the gospel about all that is their music and style.

The crew over at Dutty Artz are are at the forefront of the NYC and global bass scene.  Their new manifestations of heavily Latin influenced beats, call it dancehall, tropical, dub, reggae, or dubstep, are generating well deserved praise around the attuned music world.

In this video, Jahdan and Matt cover some of the finer points of producing inside their genre(s), which as they explain, endow them an incredible amount of flexibility and freedom, given the styles’ naturally flexible and free flowing nature.  By embracing the inherent flux, which can change over years, or even months, they challenge their creativity on an almost daily basis, pushing them into the future while still maintaining love for their influences and the past.

The whole Dutty Artz gang is worth keeping an eye on; they always have some dope stuff coming out and going on.  Check their website and blog for releases, tour dates, and news stories about the whole crew.

  • Instructor Spotlight :: Matt Shadetek of Dutty Artz | Dubspot Blog
  • 2/20/2010

[...] as one of the fixtures in the growing, and constantly evolving, bass scene.  Be sure the check out the feature that XLR8R TV did on them a few months back, and their website for updates and [...]