Logic Pro Video Tutorial Series: Dubstep Wobble Bass w/ ES2 Synthesizer

In this two-part Logic Pro video tutorial series, Dutty Artz co-founder Matt Shadetek takes us deep into Logic’s ES2 virtual analogue synthesizer to create a dirty dubstep style wobble bass. 

Wobble Bass

In this two-part Logic Pro video tutorial series, Dutty Artz co-founder Matt Shadetek takes us through the creation of a dubstep style wobble using Logic’s ES2 virtual analogue synthesizer. In part one Matt introduces us to the Modulation Matrix, which allows you to create complex sounds using various modulation sources. Going beyond simple sound design, Matt explains some advanced synthesis concepts to develop a dirty bass sound. In part two, Matt takes us deeper into the process and demonstrates more advanced modulation techniques to add dynamism and variation to the sound.

Logic Pro Tutorial: Dubstep Wobble Bass w/ ES2 Synthesizer Pt. 1


Logic Pro Tutorial: Dubstep Wobble Bass w/ ES2 Synthesizer Pt. 2


 About Matt Shadetek

Matt Shadetek is one of New York City’s most exciting producers. His live sets encompass contemporary Dancehall, UK Funky, and Dubstep, all delivered with Shadetek’s unique production voice which bridges the underground-mainstream divide. He’s one of the rare DJs who can rock a crowd with sets composed solely of his own dancefloor bangers and remixes.

Matt’s early love for Hip Hop and Dancehall along with edgy electronic sounds led to his Warp Records debut album Burnerism as part of the duo Team Shadetek. While Matt was living in Berlin and touring Europe, the followup LP Pale Fire was released, featuring the underground hit “Brooklyn Anthem”. The hit song kick-started a dance craze in the Brooklyn reggae scene (leading to over 100 fan videos of kids dancing to it).

Returning to NYC, Matt founded the Dutty Artz label/production crew with DJ /Rupture. Shadetek produced Jahdan Blakkamoore’s debut album, Buzzrock Warrior (!K7), pioneering its signature Reggae-Dubstep-Rap sound. In 2009 he also teamed up with Rupture to release the mix album Solar Life Raft (The Agriculture). His latest release, on Dutty Artz, is Flowers, an effervescent solo instrumental effort that references dubstep, UK Funky and Garage. He has toured internationally both solo and accompanied by Jahdan as vocalist.

Connect with Matt on Twitter | SoundCloud | Website


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  • mo slack
  • 5/4/2010

wow, this was useful! I didn’t realize that those sliders could be automated. this opens a whole new world – thank you!

  • Matt Shadetek
  • 5/4/2010

thanks man, that whole modulation section really makes a lot of new stuff possible. That for me was sort of the point of the video more than how to make wobble, there’s a lot of other more interesting sounds you can make using that. Have fun!

  • Zach
  • 5/4/2010

Hey, i can not figure out how to get a copy of that project like you mentioned in the video.

Btw, most helpful how to wobble bass vid ever


  • Johnny Ting
  • 5/4/2010

THIS SOUND EPIC!!! The wobbles are absolutely amazing! Where can get the project from?

  • Alex Dunham
  • 5/4/2010

Thank you very much Matt for the reply, it was very helpful and I was able to recreate the sound that I wanted to hear. If you would like to take a listen to what I accomplished in doing that would be great. Also you may be interested in the way I used the sound. Otherwise thank you once again. I was having difficulties trying to make just the sub sound in logic, before I asked you as well. I remembered though that when first listening to dubstep I wanted to create the yoy yoy sound used now, a lot today in dubstep. In order to create that I found out that it was the es1+Bitcrusher. At that time I had also just bought logic. Anyways I had a brief idea that it was the es1 that made that sound so easily, so when you mentioned it I knew I was on the right path. If so take a listen to my song.