Dubspot’s Top Logic Pro Video Tutorials of 2011

Logic Pro is the top choice of many pro audio producers as a result of its stability, sound quality, and some fantastic built-in instruments. Logic is fairly intuitive (especially so for one of the most powerful platforms available for music production) but it can also be a confusing beast to understand sometimes. To help you in your learning process we offered some great Logic Pro video tutorials in 2011 from instructors Matt Shadetek and Evan Sutton as well as Novation product specialist Brandon Carroll. Dubspot’s next round of Logic Pro classes start on January 18, 2012 and we wanted to give you a taste of the great things you can learn at our NYC classes or through Dubspot Online. Check out these tips and tricks from our talented staff and then read on to find out how to enroll in our Logic program to take your productions to new levels in 2012.

Logic Pro Tutorial: Matt Shadetek – Playing Melodies w/ Vocal Samples

Logic Pro Tutorial: Evan Sutton – Ultrabeat – Drum Synthesis

Logic Pro Tutorial: Evan Sutton – Using Side Chain Compression

Logic Pro Tutorial: Brandon Carroll – Novation 25 SL MIDI Automapping w/ Logic Pro


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Master Logic with our complete program of courses culminating in a four track EP ready for release. In addition to achieving a complete overview of the composition process in Logic you’ll also earn the Dubspot Producer’s Certificate in Logic Pro. After completing this program, you will leave with a new EP, a remix entered in an active remix contest, and a scored commercial to widen your scope.

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