Dubspot Video Interview: Alluxe aka Laura Escudé (Electronic Creatives) on Performance, Working w/ Kanye, M83 +

Dubspot catches up with producer, DJ, violinist, Ableton Certified Trainer and music technology specialist Laura Escudé. She shares with us her performance workflow, her musical history and her aspirations for the future.

Laura Escudé is a Los Angeles based performer (as Alluxe), composer, and technology specialist who helps to connect modern technology with performance for professional artists. In this video interview, Laura also talks at length about her company, Electronic Creatives. Based in Los Angeles, the company consults with artists such as Kanye West, Herbie Hancock, and Bon Iver. Electronic Creatives enhances artists’ live performances with the careful application of music and visual technology, converting an existing album into a compelling, dynamic live performance. Sometimes, it’s as simple as configuring backing tracks. At other times, it gets far more interesting, with Laura actively participating on stage, improvising with Violins and custom MIDI controllers. Laura’s newest music project is Alluxe, which you can hear below.

Songs in our video:

Laura Escudé Artist Bio

Laura Escudé is an in-demand music producer, DJ, violinist, Ableton Certified Trainer and music technology specialist. Laura is a leading figure in the contemporary electronic music and technology realms, a visionary for the future of music. Ms. Escudé is a versatile musician who composes and programs music, performing tracks using innovative MIDI controllers—which is complimented by her extensive acoustic and electric violin background.

Her 2011 and 2012 highlights include playing violin on Kanye and Jay-Z’s “Watch The Throne” album, as well as touring doing vocal effects and music programming for the U.S. and European tours. She recorded and composed violin for the intro of Kanye West’s “Dark Fantasy” tour and traveled all over the world as his vocal effects engineer. She played violin on Hit-Boy’s (Watch the Throne producer) mixtape “HitStory.” She designed the music technology and programmed shows for Cirque du Soleil, Drake, Bon Iver, Silversun Pickups, Garbage, Childish Gambino, M83, Herbie Hancock, Niyaz and many more. She has composed music for several Visa commercials, performed violin on Dancing With the Stars, at The Do Lab’s LA music showcase, and won Runner Up prize for best DJ mix for the Lightning in a Bottle Festival.

After spending the last several years touring the world as Kanye West’s music programmer, (she has also worked on shows for Jay Z, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Herbie Hancock, Cat Power, Bon Iver, Drake, Silversun Pickups, Garbage and Childish Gambino) Alluxe is ready to take the music scene by storm, not only in sound but in vision. Her huge sound and fashion-forward look is complimented by her alluring stage presence complete with custom LED controllers, vocals and violin. She never fails to surprise blended as she mixes original compositions, improvised beats, and violin loops seamlessly with samples from such diverse artists as RL Grime and Machinedrum to Juicy J and Araabmuzik. As Alluxe, Escudé has been commissioned by M83, Polica and Mr. Hudson for remixes this year.