Dubspot Tour NYC & 2 Yr Anniversary Parties Summary

**UPDATE  New NYC Tour stop video just released…

Tour_NYC09_Summary_pic1Dubspot, New York City’s home for dynamic electronic music production and DJ education, celebrated its 2yr Anniversary with a long weekend June 25th-28th. In addition to hosting three individual birthday parties, Dubspot also brought its Live 8 U.S. Sessions Tour in for its home stop, with Ableton Live 8 production and performance workshops on June 27th and 28th respectively. An abundance of high profile artists were involved throughout the events, and the weekend has received enthusiastic praise from all sides since for not only its ingenuity, but also its originality and high standard of quality.

Saturday began the heart of the weekend. On its second stop, the Dubspot Live 8 U.S. Sessions Tour truly represents what Dubspot aspires to bring the public: unique and exciting ways for educating and uniting the electronic music scene and the people (at any level) within it. World-class artists Richie Hawtin, Kevin McHugh (aka Ambivalent), Daniel Wyatt, and Kevin Sawka (aka KJ Sawka), joined Dubspot instructors Jon Margulies and DJ Kiva, to present to the public their personally developed production techniques in a dynamic workshop environment. Each presentation, which ran the gambit from creating drum racks, adding synth lines, controlling automation, mastering techniques and more, gave attendees insight into all aspects of the production process, while centering around Ableton Live 8, the most revolutionary piece of music software on the planet.

Tour_NYC09_summary_pic2Sunday’s sessions focused on performance with Ableton Live, and saw the same high quality of presenters with Jon Margulies back again, joined by Jace Clayton (aka DJ Rupture), Peter Kirn, the founder of Create Digital Music.com, Scientist, one of the godfathers of Dub, Victor Axelrod (aka Ticklah), Jaz (aka Badawi), and Barry Cole, the manager of the Blue Mountain Music Publishing catalog. From panel discussions on the history of Dub, to controller demonstrations, methods for incorporating live instruments, live DJ/hybrid set ups, plus Scientist’s masterful techniques for mic’ing live bands, this day (and weekend as well) was an absolutely unique experience in the electronic music world. It provided a one of a kind educational environment, and an opportunity for aspiring and established musicians alike to share their love of music and their craft with others.

Sunday night’s Hi-Fidelity Dubspot Sessions show (which was also the 3rd 2r Anniversary party for Dubspot and represents the first of a planned monthly Dub night), kept the momentum going late, as Scientist mixed Dub Is A Weapon live, plus sets from Badawi, DJ Kiva, Matt Shadetek, and DJ Rupture.  The show was widely enjoyed and appreciated as a world-class night of music and community.

Tour_NYC09_Summarypic3In just two short years, Dubspot has fully emerged as a force in the electronic music world. The Live 8 U.S. Sessions Tour will continue next month in LA, on August 15th and 16th, then move on to 5 other cities including Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin and Washington D.C. And that’s just this first round. The tour will continue to grow, and continue to be the ambassador of Dubspot’s devotion to excellence in electronic music. By providing unique opportunities for established and aspiring artists alike to develop their knowledge, careers, and production and performance abilities, Dubspot will secure and advance its position on the cutting edge of the electronic music world. Stay tuned…