Music Tech News: Logic Pro X, C.24 iPad Keyboard, AlphaSphere Nexus, Korg M01D Synth, Free Xoxbox App +

In this week’s news roundup: Apple announces Logic Pro X, Miselu gets funding for the C.24 iPad Keyboard, AlphaSphere introduces the nexus series, and Korg announces the M01D for Nintendo 3DS.

Apple Logic Pro X


The biggest news in music tech this week: Apple has released an update to their Logic Pro music production suite. Logic Pro X brings new features such as iPad integration, flex pitch, updated interface, MIDI plugins, new stomp box effects, and an updated library of sounds and instruments. While there is no upgrade option for owners of the previous version of Logic Pro, the software is available to everyone for a flat rate of $199–still a reasonable price for one of the most powerful music packages available.

C.24 Music Keyboard for iPad

As developer Miselu explains, the C.24 is “a two octave wireless music keyboard designed for iPad [that] transforms from a protective cover into a piano-style keyboard at the touch of a spring-loaded latch.” Check out the above video to see this innovative product in action–it’s even cooler than it sounds. Matt Peckham at Time calls it “arguably the most innovative thing to happen to compact keyboard actions in years.” The project is currently being funded via Kickstarter, and you can secure your own C.24 for a donation of $99. For more information, visit

AlphaSphere Nexus Now Available


You may remember hearing about AplhaSphere on our blog last year when creator Adam Place visited Dubspot for an interview (see below video). The groundbreaking designer has just announced the AlphaSphere nexus, a more affordable ($900) version of the popular AlphaSphere instrument.

“The AlphaSphere Nexus features our industry pioneering pressure sensitive pads, and robust modular design at an accessible price without sacrificing the quality that musicians have come to expect from the AlphaSphere. The nexus comes with everything you need to create and control electronic music, including easy integration with your current setup. Our goal is to get the most expressive and innovative controller on the market into your hands, so that you can take your music to the next level. AlphaSphere nexus will be launching around the world in the next several months, but is already available stateside from a couple of online retailers.”  - Adam Place

In the above video, Adam Place demonstrates the AlphaSphere and talks about the intuitive nature of a spherical music instrument. He also discusses mapping, programming and sequencing with AlphaLive application.

M01D – Korg’s M1 on Nintendo 3DS

Korg’s legendary M1 music workstation changed dance music in the early 1990s, and it’s remained popular with house producers who love its famous piano sound. While Korg has offered a software version of the M1 as part of their Legacy Collection for some time, the M1 is now coming to Nintendo’s 3DS platform as the Korg M01D, created by software developer Detune. The application was originally slated for May release, but has seen some delays. It is expected to be available soon through Nintendo’s eShop for approximately $30 US.

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 Available Now for Nintendo 3DS + DSi

In related news, the Rhythm Core Alpha 2 music production tool for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi has just been released for $10 on the Nintendo eShop. Rhythm Core Alpha 2 “is a combination of a music sequencer, a drum machine, and a stylus-based synthesizer.” It also provides a powerful key detection and remapping capability that allows users to change the key of the music by simply pressing a button. Read more at Synthtopia.

Free Acid for your iPad - Mode Machines Xoxbox

Developer Alexander Smith has released a free iPad version of Mode Machines’ popular Xoxbox monosynth. The Xoxbox, a clone of Roland’s vintage (and very expensive) TB-303 Bassline, provides a much more affordable way to get that acid sound.

iLok DRM Software Creates Problems for Plug-Ins


Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn investigates recent complications that have arisen from an update to the iLok DRM management software. The affected products include Pro Tools, and plug-ins by Abbey Road, Antares, Celemony, Eventide, Flux, McDSP, Slate Digital, Sonnox, SoundToys, and Waves.