Dubspot Student Spotlight: Rising DJ / Producers – RH3, DJ DeepSilence, +Battery-, Samuel Caulin

In this month’s installment of Dubspot Student Spotlight, we’re once again shining the light on some of the outstanding emerging electronic music artists, DJs, and producers who have recently come through our doors. Our roundup this week features a diverse group of rising young producers and performers including RH3, DJ DeepSilence, +Battery- and Samuel Caulin.

DJ DeepSilence

Chen Shen a.k.a. DJ DeepSilence is a finance and math graduate student from China who came to Dubspot to explore a new career path in DJing and producing. With a musical background that includes more than ten years of piano and guitar experience, her DJ sets and productions are explorations of transnational bass and world music. She infuses fresh electronic music styles with traditional sounds from China, the US, and around the world. She produces with Logic Pro and performs with Serato and Ableton Live. Hear some of her recent productions below:

Je ne sais quoi (Original) by DJDeepSilence

When I Look at U (Remix) by DJDeepSilence


Former Dubspot student Roy Hamilton III a.k.a. RH3 is an industry veteran who wears many hats in the music business. Already an established songwriter and producer with an enviable resume including production credits for legends including Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and R. Kelly, Roy is also the founder of RH3 University–a music company dedicated to putting talent first, inspiring and fostering talents and motivating people in music! Roy is currently in Los Angeles putting the final touches on his debut album Fresh & Futuristic, to be released early 2013.



Born and raised in Belgium, Athila Struys has always been surrounded by music. Picking up the drums at a very early age, he immersed himself in the worlds of drum and bass and metal music. His current project +Battery- is an amalgam of d’n'b, dubstep, and electro. +Battery- is currently hard at work on his debut EP, and he continues to play out weekly in his hometown of Hasselt. Check out a recent remix from +Battery- below.

Bingo Players Cry just a little (+Battery- Lost forever remix)(FREE download) by +Battery-


Samuel Caulin

Before immersing himself in the various subgenres of modern electronic music, DJ/producer Samuel Caulin grew up in Los Angeles playing drums in rock bands and working with autistic children. His love  of hard dance beats, rugged synths, and sound design can be heard through his tracks: his music incorporates sounds from many different musical styles including dubstep, brostep, electro, complextro, progressive house, trance, global bass and even rock.

Diamonds in my mouth – Samuel Caulin (Original Mix) by Samuelcaulin

October 2012 mini mix! by Samuelcaulin