Dubspot Student Spotlight September 2014! Rory PQ, Groovementality, TaleUntold, Posneg/Nanovation, Pure Physicality

In our September 2014 Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight some remarkable artists, DJs, and producers who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC, LA and Online. Get to know Rory PQ, Groovementality, TaleUntold, Posneg/Nanovation, and Pure Physicality.


Dubspot Student Spotlight September 2014

Rory PQ // Detroit, United States


Emerging from Detroit’s vibrant underground scene is an artist who has certainly spent some time developing his craft and preparing to make a grand entrance into the music scene. Rory PQ has been busy making a name for himself as a devoted producer, performer, and technologist with a focus on music education. Stylistically, his productions embrace the warm sounds of deep house and grooves of nu disco. Yet his taste in music is eclectic, and his craft harnesses a variety of music influences and inspirations aimed to add a deep sense of musicality into electronic music through instrumental nuances and melodies.

Broadening his musical horizons, Rory is also actively introducing various artists to the vast creative possibilities of electronic music production through Detroit Ableton User Group workshops, online tutorial videos, studio training sessions, and written guides. His enthusiasm for experimentation and fascination for unique sounds has inspired him to develop cutting-edge Ableton Live Instrument and Effect Racks, Project Templates, custom Lemur interfaces, and synth presets for artists worldwide.

Rory PQ is a founding member of the label and production service company Sub÷Divizion as well as label manager and web development manager for the techno imprint refused, a new label curated by Justin James.

Rory PQ is a propelling name you’ll soon recognize as he sets off to embark on his musical journey in his various roles as an artist, label manager, educator, business owner, and student. He believes sharing ideas and knowledge will inspire other artists in an effort to help music evolve and grow. Rory has also been sharing music production tips and techniques as Dubspot Blog contributor. Read his article on creating a dub delay effect rack in Ableton Live.

Check out Rory PQ’s remix of Danny Darko “Butterfly” feat. Jova Radevska:

“I signed up with Dubspot because I wanted to advance my music and knowledge to the next level. I felt that my skill set plateaued, and a structured approach towards learning music production would help me improve the quality of my music. That’s exactly what I have achieved while enrolled at Dubspot! I have gained a great deal of valuable knowledge and experience. I was able to define my sound, gain the confidence to produce quality music, and develop as an artist. Even as an experienced Live user, I still learned a great deal more and broadened my musical horizons at the same time. It takes more than knowing how to use software to create quality music. My highly knowledgeable instructors have helped me tremendously to effectively use the tools in my arsenal, explore creative concepts, and apply proper music knowledge to enhance my craft. I could go on about the many more valuable experiences and resources at Dubspot if I had two more pages, ha.” – Rory PQ

Groovementality // Singapore


Groovementality (a.k.a Christopher Bader) is a Swiss-Filipino DJ and dance music producer who grew up in Singapore. After attending his first dance music event in Singapore with Mark Knight, Chris quickly gained interest in the art of music production and live performance. At the young age of eighteen, Chris managed to build a reputation for himself in the local Singaporean scene and has even performed multiple times at the world famous Zouk Club in Singapore, ranked 5th place by DJ Mag’s top 100 clubs voting poll. Determined to take his music production skills to the next level, Chris moved to New York and enrolled in the Electronic Music Production Master Program at Dubspot. Chris will continue to push the boundaries of his dance music style ensuring that future releases will incorporate groovy basslines, catchy melodies and rhythmic percussive elements. Groovementaltiy is definitely a name to look out for!

Listen to some recent sounds from Groovementality below:

“I came to Dubspot in New York to further enhance my sound design and mixing and mastering skills as well as my music production knowledge. The Electronic Music Production Master Program has definitely made me a more efficient and more knowledgeable producer than I have ever imagined myself becoming. Now I am equipped with knowledge that makes me feel confident in all my future productions. Teachers and students of Dubspot are all highly motivated and like-minded, ensuring an interesting and comfortable school environment. I would suggest anyone who is interested in the art of DJing and music production to check out Dubspot!” – Christopher Bader a.k.a. Groovementality

TaleUntold // Amsterdam, Netherlands


TaleUntold (a.k.a. Tijl Meulen) is an emerging Amsterdam-based DJ and producer  bent on injecting fresh and innovative ideas into deep house and techno. “I don’t choose my music by genre but I rather pick tracks that fit the mix and of course which fit the crowd”. This is probably the reason why his style is so eclectic.  After DJ-ing for a while Tale started to crave producing his own sounds. He attended a production course at Dubspot and learned to make the ideas in his head come to life. “I usually come up with an new tracks in the shower. I start beatboxing, record it on my phone and dive in the studio.”

After taking the DJ Extensive program at Dubspot, he got interested in DJing with vinyl. He currently moves between digital DJing and playing vinyl. “I think vinyl gives a more natural feel to DJing it does have some limitations that’s why I like to combine vinyl with digital DJing.”

Tale continues to broaden his journey to find sounds that fit within his vision of music. “The main reason why I DJ is to share my vision of music with the world”

“After attending the online Ableton course at Dubspot I was already excited. Trough the course I really got to understand Ableton to the fullest. I decided to go to Dubspot in NYC to attend DJ extensive class and music foundations. Dubspot gave me a lot of knowledge, trough great teaching, well structured lessons and great people. I’m definitely going to head back someday!” – TaleUntold a.k.a. Tijl Meulen

Pure Physicality // New York City, NY


Michael Feld a.k.a. Pure Physicality is a New York based sound designer and producer. Michael grew up listening to IDM and Drum & Bass in the late 90s followed by early Dubstep and Bass music. These influences shaped his view of electronic music as a powerful tool for expressing emotion and conveying ideas. He began his music career playing drums (his first love) and quickly became involved in music production and sound design. He works with a wide range of collaborators including singers, filmmakers, dance companies, theatre directors and aerialists. As a live performer, Michael utilizes a unique combination of iPads and samplers with effects for an immediate and intuitive approach, often improvising and creating songs live. He has toured the country extensively and performed this year at South by Southwest Festival. His style has been described as cinematic, an eclectic mix of deep house beats, experimental sound design and ambient soundscapes.

Listen to “Sound The Alarm” from Pure Physicality’s recent As Countless As The Stars EP:

“Dubspot is a thriving community and the instructors are passionate about what they do. Having multiple teachers teach a single curriculum gives the students a range of approaches towards developing their own unique style. Music is a language and an art form, and Dubspot has given me the confidence and fluency to use this technology creatively to reach my artistic goals.” – Michael Feld a.k.a. Pure Physicality

Posneg a.k.a. Nanovation // Bangkok, Thailand

Posneg a.k.a. Nanovation

Posneg a.k.a. Nanovation (Tantep Chairidchai) is a young electronic dance music producer originally from Hua Hin and now based in Bangkok, Thailand. At the age of 15, he’s studying engineering in college, but his greatest dream he discovered through the music of his older brother, Jinkady, who is a Thai reggae artists.  The growth of EDM in Asia a few years ago set him off on his true calling: to discover how one amazing DJ can lead a huge audience in an ecstatic night of music. This was the inspiration for him to start producing his own sound. Tantep also counts Skrillex and Cash Cash. He now crafts original electronic music compositions using Ableton Live without using any synthesizer plugins.
Years of piano lessons and growing up in the Thai music scene, along with his big brother, have given him his own unique style, with an artistic focus on composition and arrangement.  Tantep flew to New York City to enroll in the Ableton Live Certificate Program at Dubspot, where he had an opportunity to work with New York based duo Cio Cio San and Butterflies. Tantep is excitedly planning the release of his first single this year as an independent producer and expecting to finish his EP sometime further away.

Listen to some recent sounds from Posneg/Nanovation below:

“Dubspot is a wonderful place. The first time when i step in, i can feel it. Dubspot have all kind of equipment that you can use or try which is amazing. You can ask every instructor for suggestion if you have. Before, when i try to get the sound in my head, theres no way i could get it, i have no idea what to start with. Thats the reason why i joined dubspot. After i joined, i know exactly what to do and things just got better. During the days at dubspot. There is also workshops and events that you can attend and its so much fun. You will make friends with other producers and people around the world which we will inspire each other and things get even better. I feel like im one of the luckiest people on earth to be here on such a young age. Thankyou dubspot” - Tantep Chairidchai (Posneg a.k.a. Nanovation)

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