Dubspot Student Spotlight Sept 2015: Snyder, We Are Rome, Are Bee, and Zendlo

In our September 2015 Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight some outstanding student artists, producers, DJ’s, and musicians who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC, LA, and Online. Get to know Snyder, We Are Rome, Are Bee, and Zendlo.

Dubspot Student Spotlight

Snyder. | Chicago, IL


Snyder comes from Chicago, IL where he quickly developed a passion for house music. After taking Production and DJ courses at Dubspot, he was able to create his own sound in his self-entitled EP. Gaining support from ‘The Sound You Need’, ‘EDM Sauce’, ‘Sick Taste’, and ‘EDM Lead’ Snyder is determined to make his mark on the music industry.

“The experience that I gained at Dubspot not only gave me knowledge but also a family that has helped me learn more about music and life than I would have ever imagined.” ~ Andrew Snyder


We Are Rome | Los Angeles, CA

We Are Rome

We Are Rome is a progressive house DJ/Producer duo based out of Los Angeles, CA. The duo consists of Sarmo and Fama, who met about seven years ago in Portland, OR at a show. They recently released their first single “Bet We Could” which has been featured by multiple music blogs such as Rage Junkie.com, YourEDM.com, and more. “We Are Rome” will be releasing and giving away one song every single month for the rest of the year for free, so make sure to keep up with them on SoundCloud for their latest music.

“Dubspot has helped us with our production and DJ skills in a big way. Sarmo took the DJ Extensive course and has applied many of the skills he has learned from class and used them in the studio. I would definitely say my teachers in the Ableton Live class and Sound Design class were incredible, so shout out to James Bernard and Thavius Beck. We are currently in the DJ class, and learning a ton. The class is helping us to prepare all of our tracks to take them from the studio to the club.” ~ Jordan Sarmiento 


Are Bee | Switzerland

Raphael Botteron

Raphaël Botteron aka Are Bee is a 20-year-old producer and musician from Switzerland, who came to New York last year to attend electronic music classes at Dubspot, as well as English classes. Raphaël has been producing for two years, but really discovered his craft after taking classes at Dubspot. Since then his songs are closer to what he would like them to sound. He began using FL Studio but didn’t feel his music sounded well enough technically and is now using Ableton Live to create his visions.

“I really love all kinds of electronic music, but I have to say that my favourite genre is called “Mainstream.” For example, Big Room, Progressive House, Electro House, Future House, etc.”

“I’m still improving, and I’d like to continue producing in the future as much as I can because it’s a lot of fun. I also liked coming to Dubspot last year because I met a lot of other musicians, like Guddu, a guy from MGM (New Jersey), with whom I produced a cool big room track!” ~ Raphaël Botteron


Taylor Pierce | Los Angeles, CA

Dubspot Student Spotlight

Taylor Pierce, known by the artist name of Zendlo, is a 24-year-old producer/DJ from Alpine, Utah. He spent two and a half years in Rexburg, Idaho schooling at Brigham Young University-Idaho and working at the broadcast studio on campus. He recently moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his career in post audio and further his music career.

From ages 19-21, Taylor lived in South Africa, which is the home of deep and tribal house music. His experiences in South Africa are reflected in his music productions. Artists like Sharam Jey, Kolombo, Friend Within, Destructo, and Jack Beats are also a huge influence on the music he produces and plays today.

“I had the chance to take the mixing and mastering course from Ariel Borujow, Justin Aswell, and Ricardo Gutierrez. The course gave me a solid foundation of mixing knowledge that I could build upon, plus a ton of advanced mixing techniques. I loved my teachers so much! They had a lot of knowledge, and they were great at teaching too. I learned more in six months than I could have ever learned on my own.” ~ Taylor Pierce


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