Dubspot Student Spotlight November 2015: Animal Treats, Lust, RAF, and Prosoty

In our November 2015 Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight some outstanding student artists, producers, DJ’s, and musicians who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC, LA, and Online. Get to know Animal Treats, Lust, RAF, and Prosoty.

Dubspot Student Spotlight

Animal Treats | Los Angeles, CA

Animal Treats

Animal Treats, is a creative project by Nico Rosario. He was raised in the wild of Kalispell, Montana and now living in the jungle of LA, CA. His music is a representation of all animalistic traits within us humans. Always in search for the next fresh beat to release your inner freak.

“Coming to LA to start classes at Dubspot is helping me get inspired to relearn my old ways in Ableton, to use it more efficiently and creatively, as well as being pushed to finish tracks.” ~ Animal Treats


Lust | Toronto Ontario, CA

Dubspot Student Spotlight

Lust. The feeling I want all my listeners to feel for my music. I fell in love with music at a young age and knew ever since then music was all I wanted to do. I took up the guitar, and years later took up piano. I have had many musical influences that have affected the music I create. From metal to R&B, to classical and heavy electronic music. Throughout my music journey, I never liked to stick to one genre of music. I love to venture out into every aspect of music and not seclude myself to one sound, to one genre, to one group of people. I want to reach and effect the world and touch all with my music. The music I make depends on my mood and how I feel, and what my current situation is at that point in time. I want to share my expression and deep passion for music with everyone who listens to my music. I want to connect with people’s feelings and create a whole new connection between each other.

“My experience at Dubspot has been amazing. After taking the Ableton class, my workflow and the music I produce has improved one hundred times. The teachers were amazing and even more amazing than the teachers was the people and friends you make. Everyone is interested in the same things you are interested in, and we all have one common goal that involves music. You make connections and work with your fellow students, and all that will improve you as an artist whether you’re an already advanced producer or someone just starting out. I simply loved my experience and met some of the most amazing people. Dubspot is just awesome.” ~ Lust


RAF | New York City, NY

Dubspot Student Spotlight

As Raphael evolved quickly in the Southern California music scene in the year that is justly “Sophomore Slump,” when asked what he was “really” doing, partygoers quickly confirmed his career transition from finance to DJ by their event attendance in the thousands at venues he played. His passion for electronic music since his tween years was the epic cadence driving him to achieve his dream of a life in electronica. His level of sensitivity was not going to work as a Wolf on Wall Street.

Another driving force in the pursuit of his musical aspirations was literally about driving: A serious car accident that fractured bones and friendships. In that event, a transparent vision emerged for Raphael, one of passion for life, that it was just beginning, and to give it all you’ve got. He did that with rugby, and made lifelong friends. He did it by pursuing a degree in finance. But they were misdirected goals in terms of his true passion, and he heard it loud it and clear in joking comments made by his widening circle of friends, “Hey, what if Raph becomes this international DJ….”

And there were no ceremonial events, no catastrophic episodes, but a dedicated pursuit of the dream that landed him five years of DJ circuit gigs throughout California with his favorite music partner, Saro Chalian.

Now in New York City to further his career, find the music that speaks directly to him to facilitate the path he envisions, Raphael is more dedicated than ever to his ambitious desire to live up to his friends expectations – to become an international DJ.

“I met some amazing people through this school, and with teachers, like Abe and Adriano, who pushed me to new limits.” ~ RAF


Prosoty | Los Angeles, CA

Dubspot Student Spotlight

I was born and raised in Huntington Beach. In 2014, I moved to Downtown LA to pursue my career in electronic music production and DJing. I took an Ableton class with Yeuda Benatar at the Relativity School before enrolling at Dubspot and taking the Ableton Production, DJ, and Sound Design Courses. I use elements from the Sound Design and Ableton Production in my original productions and utilize them along within my DJ mixes. Performing as Crisis Effect, I brought my unique blend of Progressive House, Electro House, and Big Room to any party ready to rage. Along with turning up house parties all over Southern California, I’ve torn the roof off the El Bar in Hollywood and Purple Haze Smoke Shop in Hermosa Beach. I have since moved on from the Crisis Effect name; now I am Prosoty.

“I’ve always had an interest in music but never thought of it as more than a hobby. After taking Ableton Production, DJing, and Sound Design classes at Dubspot, I felt like I had the tools necessary to pursue a career in electronic music production and DJing. But the most valuable part of my experience was in playing my DJ Graduation party at the El Bar in Hollywood. I would never have been able to perform in a real venue without the opportunity from Dubspot.” ~ Prosoty


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