Dubspot Student Spotlight May 2014! G-Tones, DJ Shakey, Salvione, IDestiny, PreSkool

In our May 2014 Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight excellent electronic music artists, producers, and DJs who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC and Online. Our roundup this month features G-Tones, DJ Shakey, Salvione, IDestiny, and PreSkool.

Dubspot Student Spotlight May 2014


Salvione // Staten Island, NY, US


Salvione is a true student of the craft. Inspired by artists like Guti, Andre Crom and the legendary Carl Craig, Salvione has an insatiable hunger for learning the intricacies of music production. Melody creations, chord progressions, key recognition, all contribute to his ongoing education in musical intelligence. Salvione has enrolled in piano lessons, mixing and mastering classes and he is a graduate of the Dubspot Music Production with Ableton Live program.

His music is a smooth blend of funk, tribal, deep house and tech, injected with elements of hip hop, techno and nu disco. He’s performed with the likes of Marco Bailey, Todd Terry, The Junkies, Walker & Royce, and Lauren Lane at some of NYC’s most renowned venues, such as Pacha, Sullivan Room, Sankey’s and District 36. In 2011, he performed at Miami’s Winter Music Conference, allowing him to showcase his talents in front of the biggest names in the industry.

When he isn’t in the studio, Salvione is performing another installment of, Quality over Quantity (QOQ), a popular music series and bi-monthly podcast, further cementing him as a bright and promising talent in the booming underground music scene.

Listen to recent sounds from Salvione below:

“One of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made was to learn to make music at Dubspot. The creative atmosphere and enthusiasm teachers have for what they do, is truly infectious. The program had such a positive effect on my musical education that I keep trying to find reasons to go back. The knowledge I’ve gained through Dubspot’s extensive curriculum is something that could’ve taken years, if ever, to learn on my own.” – Mike Salvione

DJ Shakey // New York, NY, US

DJ ShakeyPhoto by Nina Mouritzen

Musician, DJ, organizer, and designer DJ Shakey (a.k.a. Julie Covello) has been spinning professionally in New York City for nearly 20 years. She runs “Shakey’s Record Fair,” the only strictly 7″ / 45 rpm fair in the city as well as The Warper Party, NYC’s largest electronic music showcase. She bridges the gap between old school and new school in her Ableton Live performances with the Voltaxe, a custom-controller that she designed.

Shakey has releases with her elector-acoustic project FreeBassBK (upright bass and laptop) on Cotopaxi Music and on The Warper Party Comp #1, available as a free download. She hosts The Warper Party Radio Extravaganza on Clocktower Radio. Shakey has been instrumental in the birth of “controllerism” and is a contributing writer to controllerism.com. Head over to her Facebook artist page for upcoming gigs and Soundcloud for new tracks and mixes. Follow her weekly “Concert T-Shirt Tuesday” posts on instagram at “djshakeydotcom” for rare and unusual concert t-shirts. She also designs controllerism and DJ leggings.

Listen to some recent sounds from DJ Shakey below:

“I’ve been in the music industry for a while, from working at MTV, to club and mobile DJing, to performing live, but it’s never too late to learn more! I took the Ableton Live Producer Certificate Program and it was blast! It was a adventure to learn new tools, put them to use, and present my work. The Dubspot community is awesome, I’ve made long-term friends. I couldn’t be happier, I’m ready for a new era in my creativity!” – DJ Shakey a.k.a. Julie Covello

G-Tones // San Diego, CA, US


“Sound is such an amazing phenomenon! The fact that humans can control and manipulate sound waves to create languages to communicate amongst each other blows my mind, and this is the reason why I fell in love with electronic music. I have only dove into the world of producing electronic music one year ago, but I have been musician my whole life. My status as an experienced musician is a direct result of my love for music. I began using my musical abilities to reach out by teaching music to kids facing adversity at A.R.T.S, a non-profit organization. Through A.R.T.S, I joined many bands and was exposed to amazing musicians. I also performed and produced soundtracks for theatrical plays. When I produce electronic music, I feel like a mad scientist using scientific tools to manipulate frequency into communication. Just like how our vocal boxes vibrate and how we manipulate those vibrations by moving our jaws, music is the vibration and my DAW is my jaw. So press play and take off into my world of sound. Enjoy.” – Tony Giardinelli a.k.a.  G-Tones

Check out some recent tracks from G-Tones below:

“I decided to move from San Diego to attend Dubspot in New York City, and I truly can say that this was the best decision I could have made to improve my skills and knowledge of electronic music. This school is the best foundation to start making and understanding electronic music. The instructors here are some of the coolest people I have met, and I am always going to be apart of the Dubspot community!” – Tony Giardinelli a.k.a. G-Tones

IDestiny // Dallas, TX, US


Loren Moore (a.k.a. IDestiny) is a multi-genre songwriter and producer currently based in Dallas, TX. His focus in music has always been about passion and progression, an expression purely imaginative and emotional. Having started music at age thirteen and writing since fifteen, he has written and produced from an early age. Since taking his musical career to a professional level in late 2010 he has worked with artists and bands across the US and internationally of all genres while establishing his name in the industry. Along the way he’s covered several genres, aliases and many defining paths of identity in life. It’s Loren’s musical past, experiences and emotions taking form through his music. With millions of plays across the net, collaborations with upcoming producers and a release on Warner Bros. Records, Loren is currently working on his first original EP and preparing to release a series of official remixes for summer 2014.

Listen to new tracks from Loren Moore’s IDestiny project below:

“My time with Dubspot for the Mixing and Mastering course I attended was extremely beneficial. The online community, one-on-one Google hangouts with instructors and connections with other students were extremely insightful for learning different methods and seeing other ways of how people work. Each weekly assignment introduced me to new plugins, programs and step-by-step ways of how to get my mix right from the start. Thank you to Dubspot for a memorable experience!” – Loren Moore a.k.a. IDestiny

PreSkool // Brooklyn, NY, US


For the past twelve years, the Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based DJ PreSkool has been able to share his love and wide knowledge of music, along with his deep appreciation of the many genres of contemporary music and his unusually eclectic taste. He has held residencies at many of the bars and clubs in Williamsburg including Supreme Trading, Savalas, The Woods, Macri Park, 151 Rivington, Union Pool, Glasslands, Manhattan Inn, Boogaloo and High Horse Saloon. PreSkool’s current focus is on contemporary underground dance music, as shown during his current residencies at Union Pool, Black Bear and Gin Palace.

Head over to PreSkool’s Mixcloud and listen to some of his mixes.

“Despite a successful run as a local DJ in Willamsburg, I felt a real need to get up to speed on the latest technology and to get sound advice as to the best way to take my DJing to the next level. I found all of my needs fulfilled with the Dubspot DJ Extensive program. The friendly and knowledgeable instructors covered all the basics and the latest in equipment. Even more impressive was the chance to get solid objective advice on improving my techniques and helpful advice to help me understand the business aspects of DJing. Since finishing the course, I have seen a real improvement in my DJing and am steadily developing a solid career as a professional DJ. In my experience even if you think you already know how to DJ, taking a course at Dubspot is a excellent career move.” Larry Weissman a.k.a. PreSkool

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