Dubspot Student Spotlight March 2015: Savrsi, Senai409, FilthyrichTaj, Prinze George, and NOAH

In our March 2015 Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight some remarkable artists, DJs, and producers who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC, LA, and Online. Get to know Savrsi, Senai409, FilthyrichTaj, Prinze George, and NOAH.

Student Spotlight

Dubspot Student Spotlight March 2015

Prinze George // United States


Kenny Grimm is a multi-instrumentalist/producer best known for his work in synth-pop band “Prinze George“. Kenny’s unique style of production has landed their music in multiple TV/Movie appearances. The band’s second single “Victor” gained a #1 spot on Hype Machine and was featured in “Honig Im Kopf”; the latest film by German filmmaker Til Schweiger (distributed by Warner Bros.) Prinze George’s first single “Children In The Audience” was featured in Longchamp’s Spring 2015 Catalog, aired during Paris fashion week and on on the designers’ website.

Listen to Prinze George’s recent EP below:

“My experience at Dubspot was amazing; particularly the Mixing and Mastering class with Ariel Borujow. Ariel gave us a great foundation but also really encouraged experimentation in our mixing. He stressed the importance of using what we learned from Mixing and Mastering in the production stages which really helped to get the best possible end product in my tracks. Ariel’s crazy reverb tricks are now a regular part of my production process.” - Kenny Grimm

FilthyrichTaj // United States


Taja Barber, also known to her fans as FilthyrichTaj, is a gifted DJ, social media maven, and trendsetter. Endowed with an innate passion, knowledge, and talent for music, Taja is set to emerge as a bold new face in DJ culture. At just 18 years of age, she’s built an international following of young, music savvy, and trend-conscious fans from around the world.

This California native spent the last six years in New York City, which helped to establish herself quickly as one of the leading personalities of the next generation of cultural arbiters. She’s a recognizable Tumblr celebrity” attracting over 90,000 global followers in less than three years. With her extensive social media reach within a coveted demographic, Taja is increasingly sought after by global brands for her unique influence as a “go-to-girl” for music and trend forecasting.”

“Dubspot has opened my heart to new sounds and new techniques. Having instructors like DJ Reborn to Mike Parvizi my knowledge of music has greatly developed. Dubspot helped me, and is still helping me master my craft.” – Taja Barber

NOAH // United States


NOAH aka Christofer Holland, is an American recording artist, producer, and DJ living in New York City. His 2014 single “Keep on Movin’” was a 2014 Billboard and UK Music Week Dance Chart success. The single spent five weeks on the US Billboard Dance Charts claiming the #39 spot on January 11th and #19 and #12 on the UK Music Week Club and Pop Charts!

NOAH’s self-released debut pop/dance Gotham anthem “New York is Dead” spent 20 weeks on the DJ Times National Dance Charts. His follow-up single “No More Angels” was a L.A. themed summer release which entered the Top 40 on the DJ Times Chart National Club Chart. It quickly climbed from #39 to #3 on the UK Upfront Music Charts and to #14 on the UK Music Week Commercial/Pop Club Chart.

His newest single “Man in the Making” soon to be released on his label, Icon Worldwide Music / Labelworx UK was produced by NOAH and Ben Dabson, aka Radical Academy in Cardiff, Wales U.K.

“Dubspot has become a very important part of my evolution as an artist. The training has provided me the skills to bring my musical ideas to fruition. The support I have received from the DubSpot community is invaluable. Such a great experience! It is more than just an electronic music academy; it is an incredible forum of likeminded artists.” – Christofer Holland

Savrsi // United States


Savrsi, a pianist, former New Jersey All-State cellist, and Harvard College graduate, is an up and coming producer in the world of dance music. Influenced by the sounds of artists such as Hardwell and Calvin Harris, Savrsi produces big, uplifting anthems as well as edgy, aggressive tracks. His goal is to share the feelings of empowerment and profound happiness he experiences from his favorite music. Savrsi released his first remix in November 2014 after having produced for a number of years and performed in Boston and NYC. His first original track “Black Tie” was featured on splice.com. With a number of originals and remixes slated for 2015, he is an artist not to be missed in the new year.

“Attending Dubspot was like hitting fast forward. What I learned in my time at the school would have taken me at least twice as long to figure out on my own. I also met people that will be friends and colleagues for many years to come. For anyone committed to becoming a better producer, taking classes at Dubspot is a great way to accelerate the process.” – Chip Peinado

Senai409 // Ethiopia


Senai409 is an Ethiopian-born, New York-based DJ and producer. “I don’t want to be identified by one thing as a person or in my music,” he says. “I like all genres. I put on my headphones and listen to William Onyeabor or Dave Brubeck or Beethoven or Mr. Carmack. I improvise over their piece and try to embody their works in my own to make elaborate music that’s soothing to the ear.” Senai409 started DJing in high-school parties at 15; “People were fascinated, they were used to hearing Chief Keef and Bobby Smurda but were surprised that a deep house song could bring the same energy.” He has gone on to DJ events all over New York State. “I play different music depending on the crowd.” Noticing that kids often come to watch how he works, Senai founded a DJ and production course at Ossining High School. “A lot of kids don’t have the money to take a train to the city, take classes, or buy equipment. This gives them a way to get started.” His current interest is Soulection; “I like the idea of a diverse collective.”

“I found out about Dubspot when I was about 12 and was first interested in electronic music; they were handing out brochures at Electric Zoo. I took the Maschine course, I didn’t become the biggest Maschine user, but I loved the environment at Dubspot. The people there are really diverse and so is their music, I like how versatile it is.” – Senai Motley

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