Dubspot Student Spotlight March 2014! Mio Soul, didier-michel, Mad Suspect, JINKS, DoubleTap

Dubspot Student Spotlight March 2014

In our March 2014 Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight some remarkable artists, DJs, and producers who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC and Online. Get to know Mio Soul, Didier Michel, Mad Suspect, JINKS, and DoubleTap!

Dubspot Student Spotlight March 2014!

Doubletap // New York, US


DoubleTap is a New York City-based electronic music duo consisting of Christian Petredis and Marc Raziano. The pair, previously known as Apollo, met at Pennsylvania State University, where they quickly began reating began creating original songs and remixes. DoubleTap started to turn heads with their track “Can You Feel It”. Stay tuned for their upcoming EP which is set to be released at the end of 2014 and catch them at clubs in the NYC area.

Listen to some recent sounds from DoubleTap below:

“Dubspot was a second home to me, it was a place that I could express my creative ideas and share my work with passionate and talented people” – Marc Raziano of DoubleTap

Mad Suspect // New York, US

DJ Lud Papp a.k.a. Mad Suspect

NYC-based electronic music producer and DJ Lud Papp (a.k.a. Mad Suspect) is is on a quest to create a sound unlike any other. He crafts infectious and impactful melodies, walking the line between experimental electronics and electro-house with powerful dance leads. His sound is a unique and otherworldly, surely something you’ll have to hear to believe.

Listen to some recent sounds from Mad Suspect below:

“I can say without any hesitation that attending classes at Dubspot was the best decision I’ve ever made for my music career. I’m currently finishing up the intensive Logic Pro X course with Bill Lee, as well as working towards completion of Dubspot’s Mixing and Mastering program with Daniel Wyatt, and also the Sound Design course with John Selway. The instructors and staff members are some of the realest, down-to-earth people you’ve ever met. Everyone is so willing and eager to help you solve any question or problem you might be facing in your productions or difficulties in class, that it really makes for a comfortable, learning environment. The classes are relatively small, so it’s really easy to ask questions, and get one-on-one help when you need it. I would definitely say that without Dubspot, I wouldn’t have been able to come nearly as far as I have in the 4 months that I’ve been producing. Check out my tracks and see for yourself!” – Lud Papp (a.k.a. Mad Suspect)

didier-michel // New York, US


didier-michel is an electroacoustic composer, leadership coach, and strategist. He is currently pursuing a PhD in ethnomusicology from Columbia University with interests in electronic music production and spirituality. As a coach, he is exploring uses of sound to guide artists, entrepreneurs, and organizations to deepen their presence, flow, and creative leadership. He has coached and consulted through Deloitte, Echoing Green, and Coro, and currently works with the Oakland-based music, arts, and technology incubator, ZooLabs.

Listen to some sounds from Didier Michel below:

“In 2011, after ten years of exclusively working with FL Studio, I found Dubspot’s Intro to Abelton course and decided to try something new. The class opened me up, especially as a deep listener and improviser. I’ve been a boom bap sampler from the beginning, and after learning Abelton, I began incorporating organic instruments for a more meditative sound. Lately, I’ve been back in Dubspot’s orbit to chat with producers about sacred worlds in their musical practices. It’s all love.” – Didier Michel

Mio Soul // Tokyo, Japan

Mio Soul

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, singer-songwriter and electronic music producer Mio Fujii a.k.a. Mio Soul possesses a well-rounded voice, fine-tuned by the gospel churches of Harlem, NYC. Daytime Emmy Award winning music supervisor Dave Hnatiuk feels “Mio Soul is like a Japanese version of Alicia Keys.”

Mio Soul currently channels he musical ideas through traditional R&B, blues, classic soul and dance music. She is a graduate of Dubspot, a prolific electronic music producer covering a wide range of styles. Mio Soul has also worked with Maria Davis, golden age hip hop legend Chip Fu (of Fu-Schnickens), internationally acclaimed producer DJ Gomi, Japanese singer-songwriter Kiyotaka, The Japan Society, MeccaGodZilla, ATS of the legendary Rock Steady Crew, and many more. She has also performed at SOB’s, B.B. Kings, Village Underground, and various other venues known for soul music in NYC.

Listen to some recent sounds from Mio Soul below:

“Going to school at Dubspot was a great opportunity and chance to meet new people that are into various genres of music. I was putting myself in a situation that was truly a brand new creative experience. The school allowed for me to gain new skills and expand my creativity.

The teachers at Dubspot are very easy to talk to and very open to helping the students. What’s really special about Dubspot is that all the teachers are active performers on the music scene. Each teacher has their own opinion about what works for them so it is great to get information to make the best choice for me.” – Mio Soul

JINKS // New Orleans, US

T'Jean Dabezies a.k.a. JINKS

21 year old DJ/producer from T’Jean Dabezies a.k.a. JINKS started his music career DJing in the New Orleans college scene before directing his focus towards electronic music production. His style combines the influences of southern hip hop, 90s alternative, and cinematic orchestral pieces with the driving force of drum and bass and dubstep. Currently based in New York City, JINKS devotes his attention to producing heavy, bass-driven remixes and originals productions, as well as working as a freelance sound engineer. His stage name, JINKS, nods to the mysticism and history of voodoo in New Orleans.

Check out some recent sounds from JINKS below:

“From the moment I stepped into Dubspot, I realized that it was the place for me. There is nothing better than being surrounded by a community of people that are entirely devoted to music and what it represents.

My first classroom experience at Dubspot was with Kiva, where he opened my mind to the power of Ableton Live. In conjunction with the Ableton Live Production Course, Music Foundations helped fine-tune my knowledge of music theory and helped me create better compositions. Additionally, the Sound Design and Mixing and Mastering courses allowed me to create more professional final productions.

Overall, Dubspot has given me the tools I need to grow as an artist and performer. I would strongly recommend it to any music producer or DJ who wants to take their musical skills to the next level. ” T’Jean Dabezies a.k.a. JINKS

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