Dubspot Student Spotlight January 2015! Joey Zander, Kristin Lush, iMC, DJ SPINK, and Highlanderz

In the January 2015 edition of our Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight five excellent artists, DJs, and producers who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC, LA and Online. Get to know Joey Zander, Kristin Lush, iMC, DJ SPINK, and Highlanderz.

Student Spotlight

Dubspot Student Spotlight January 2015

Joey Zander // Los Angeles, CA, US

Joey Zander

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Joey Zander has been writing and performing music since his early years as a teenager. Now he’s a local DJ playing at various venues across town such as Exchange LA, which is currently ranked as the 3rd best nightclub in the United States by Magnetic Magazine. He has been known to keep his sets dark and intimate while his focus remains on keeping the dance floor moving. Although his career has just barely blossomed, there seems to be a bright future in store for Joey Zander.

Listen to a recent live DJ mix from Joey Zander below:

“Dubspot is the perfect learning environment for anyone who wants to be a successful DJ or producer. Besides all of the useful knowledge I attained through my courses, I have to say my favorite part about going to Dubspot was the strong friendships I built there. I now have a great network of instructors and classmates who continue to give me great advice on my career, and that is something I will never lose.” – Joey Zander

Kristin Lush // LA/NYC, US


Kristin Lush, or Lush, as her friends refer to as has having charisma that is potent, and unceasingly yields party-goers to her luscious harmonies. Lush’s sentiment is creating melodies that endure beyond the ordinary. Her sound can be described as unrelenting; delivering vitality and vigor to her sets while deviating between dark, dirty, and sexy House and Techno music.

She first heard electronic music back in 1996 after running into some older partiers at Disney Land. She later joined them to take part in a party called Techno State in California. The scene has captivated her ever since that day. Lush then decided to begin her professional DJ career playing hardcore Techno in Los Angeles back in 1998, taking on the name DJ Cyanide. In 2002 Lush discovered House Music and developed an infatuation for the style, gradually advancing her sound into what it has become today. She has run street teams alongside some of the top promoters in the industry, including Insomniac and Go Ventures. She has performed at massive events such as Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles and also takes part in large warehouse parties in Los Angeles several times a year. Lush has created an international name for herself, having toured in Montreal and featured at the 30th Anniversary of house music tour in Miami.

Lush continuously flourishes throughout the underground house and rave scene. In 2012, after leaving her resident spot on one of LA’s original online radio shows, Future Bound Radio, Lush made her transition into the New York community. Frequently finding herself all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, she has organized and been a resident DJ at several weekly events that quickly became favorites among NYC house music lovers. She plays at world-renown venues, such as Sankeys NYC, Governors Island, and Cielo. Lush also frequently plays events in unannounced locations and after-hours that stays true to her underground persona.

Recently becoming involved in the production element, Lush has learned her production skills from some of the best in the industry, including Jesse Saunders and many other industry veterans at Dubspot. She has several original tracks in store, set to release in 2015. With such a solid background in the electronic music scene and with such fervor of the culture, Lush is sure to quickly rise to eminence.

Listen to some recent sounds from Kristin Lush below:

“I first tried learning how to produce back in 2000 and then again in 2002, both times signing up for music production classes that they had at the city college and both times not lasting very long. There was a big disconnect between what I was being taught and what I wanted to know. At this time house and techno was still very underground and this music and culture was no where represented in these classes. In the past 14 years that have passed I picked up some things from tutorial and friends but never enough to be independent in producing music. Dubspot has given me the place to learn that I have been looking for all these years, a place where I could finally get the solid foundation that I needed to grow independently as an artist. By just my second month at Dubspot I was finally making music on my own the way I wanted it to sound. Its been remarkable to be in a learning environment and with instructors that actually support and understand the underground culture and music that I grew up around.” - Kristin Lush

iMC // NYC (via India and Netherlands)


Born in New Delhi, India and raised in the UK and Netherlands, iMC has developed a truly unique sound that fuses contemporary EDM style with a timeless international flare. His mixture of Bollywood samples and heavy 808 bass-driven sounds has garnered the attention of fans across the world from Asia and Europe, to all the way to his current home of New York City.

iMC is the former drummer for the Dutch rock outlet, “Rude Awakening.” He has extensive sound engineering experience, and his multi-instrumental electronic compositions have gained international attention. His musical background has helped mesh his eclectic, internationally-themed sonic landscapes into unique, yet familiar beats that have universal appeal. iMC landed a guest mix on BBC Asia Network August 1st, 2014 shortly after his internationally buzz landed song “Ramta Jogi” aired for 9 weeks straight on the same broadcast.

Listen/download iMC’s “Ramta Jogi” featuring Awon, Tiff The Gift, and Dephlow below:

“There is an incredible energy in air and people are so passionate and happy. Beyond the education, I’ve made some amazing relationships and worked with some incredibly talented musicians. Dubspot is one of the dopest places I’ve ever been and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves music.” - iMC

Highlanderz // Nova Scotia and Montreal, Canada

Francis Cormier Highlanderz

Highlanderz is an electro/progressive house production duo from Nova Scotia and Montreal Canada. The group was formed in January 2013 and consists of Somsay and Francis. They had first met in Montreal 10 years earlier, and reconnected through Somsay responding to some of Francis’s early demo’s he sent out through Facebook. Somsay and Francis started a record company, ‘High Land Records’ and had their first release, ‘Pushing’, come out on iTunes and Beatport in November of 2014. At the moment they are busy working on tracks for future releases, and building a fan base for the Highlanderz.

Listen to some recent sounds from Highlanderz below:

“I think those who are willing to put the time in will reach their production goals through Dubspot online. Dubspot has been tremendous at developing my, Francis’, productions skills. The instructors are world class, and their constructive feedback is invaluable. The programs at Dubspot do a great job at filtering the information for their students.” – Francis Cormier



Paul Garavellos, aka Paul G or DJ SPINK was born in NYC and bred in Toronto Canada. Paul has been collecting, producing, and playing music for the last 22 years. His early roots are embedded in Techno, Minimal, Garage, Deep and Soulful HOUSE. As a DJ, he took those genres to new heights. His latest musical projects have solidified his evolution in music, allowing him to showcase his talents on his terms with a new label in the works set to launch late 2014. Labeled a futurist by colleagues, Paul approaches new projects with creative vigor and innovation.

Listen to some recent sounds from DJ SPINK below:

“Dubspot gave me the tools i need to elevate my Mixing and Mastering in a very detailed way. My instructor Richie Beretta gave more than what i expected to get out of this course, a must for anyone taking there musical visions to the next level!” - DJ SPINK


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