Dubspot Student Spotlight! FreqMob, TÔ, Strausz, Camille Corazón, and Ted Tunes!

In the December edition of Dubspot Student Spotlight, our monthly series featuring talented artists who have recently taken courses with Dubspot in NYC or Online, we introduce you to FreqMob, TÔ, Strausz, Camille Corazón, and Ted Tunes!

Camille Corazón // US


Camille Corazón is Camille Moreno, a “trip pop” (trip hop/dream pop/electronic) artist born and raised in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and based in New York City. She studied piano for eleven years and bought her first guitar at age 14. It was then that she started composing songs and recording them using a four-track recorder. Her dark, hypnotic sound expresses her early influences: the emotional brooding of Billie Holiday and Beth Gibbons, and the madness in experimental turntablism (Amon Tobin, Kid Koala).

Corazón first entered the New York music scene in 2011 as the voice of house DJ Jamie Jones, and his first downtempo project. This, along with her own lo-fi productions, gained interest from artists and professionals from around the globe. Since then, she has collaborated with different electronic artists and will be releasing her debut solo album’s first single soon.

“Dubspot was seriously one of the best things that ever happened to me. People have known me solely as a singer, even though I’ve always been particular about not just vocals, but the overall sound I want to express in each song. Pretty much everyone in the industry said I should stick to singing, but I wanted to fulfill my passion in production and decided to enroll at Dubspot. There, I was finally able to understand what I was working with. It saved me in a way, and still continues to blow my mind. I’ve learned a massive amount and I’m satisfied knowing there’s always a lot more to learn.” – Camille Moreno

FreqMob // US


Producer and multi-instrumentalist Conor Souhrada, a.k.a. FreqMob, started playing drums at age nine. He later picked up guitar and bass and played in a range of diverse music projects, from jazz to metal. He developed an interest in electronic music in his teens, found Dubspot, and moved to New York at 19. Conor completed the Electronic Music Production Master Program, then moved back West and began remixing bands. Conor is currently plotting a return to the east coast and unleashing a new FreqMob EP in the coming months. He’s also collaborating with other artists, so expect more soon!

“I love producing and playing different styles of music, and like mixing and experimenting with all the different genres.  I soaked up a ton of great info from Dubspot and met a lot of fantastic people that I can’t wait to see again when I return to New York.”

“I started at Dubspot with hardly any knowledge of music production and came out with a vast amount of knowledge and insight…All the teachers I encountered through my classes were incredible…each one left me being a better producer than before, giving me different ways to see things. Dubspot was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my musical journey…not to mention NYC is the greatest place on earth, and I can’t wait to be back.” – Conor Souhrada

TÔ // Brazil


 (a.k.a. Tomás Tróia) is “the coolest guy you’ll ever meet, the favorite student of every teacher, the best friend of all his best friends, and the best boyfriend of…his only girlfriend.” The 25-year-old DJ/producer wasn’t always that cool. That didn’t happen until the Brazilian musician started his first band, R.Sigma, in 2004 and spent eight years touring Brazil.

In 2011, Tomás started Anequila, a Rio de Janerio party promotion company, and Party Busters, which became one of the biggest night life websites in Brazil. At this time, Tomás also started booking gigs as an indie rock DJ. A year later, he was a regular on the on the Rio scene, his sets known for being both elegant and pop.

As a musician, Tomás studied guitar and functional harmony before attending Dubspot to improve his skills in Ableton Live and music production. His tracks are a mix of MPB (Música Popular Brasileira), club music, and music therapy. In 2013, he composed and co-produced the album Serviço for Brazilian singer Castello Branco.

“We had a lovely experience at Dubspot. They made all the effort they could to accommodate me…we got the best of luck having class with Abe Duque who gave us advanced lessons, took our music production skills to a whole new level, and also became a personal friend of ours.” - Tomás Tróia

Strausz // Brazil


Strausz keeps busy. Since 2011, he’s done collaborations with electro house producer Discoforgia (Italy), indie disco trio Mjolnir from Jakarta, and Brazilian producer Kassin, remixing his song “Calça de Ginástica.” In 2012, he released the EP Garoto Nacional on Penetra Records with remixes from Leo Justi (RJ), Mjolnir, and dubstep producer Circuit Bored. The music video, directed by Julio Secchin, caught fire internationally, including coverage by Vice and Boing Boing. He recently worked as a producer and arranger on the album Serviço by singer Castello Branco, and is currently working with Alice Caymmi on her next album.

Strausz recently released his new single “Habitat,” featuring up-and-coming Brazilian artist Mahmundi on vocals (below).

“I had two levels of Music Production w/ Logic Pro with Matt Shadetek, and I definitely recommend [it]. Shadetek will give you a lot of cool hints on songwriting, workflow, and lots of insights…” – Diogo Strausz

Ted Tunes // UK


Ted Tunes (a.k.a Teddy White) is a young DJ/producer from the UK. With his European club DJ experience, he entered New York’s nightlife with considerable notice. His lengthy sets run fluidly and get the party going.

Ted Tunes has recently collaborated with several well-known producers, including Grammy Award winning producer Bassy. Together, they have produced remixes for artists from all over the world. Tunes is also producing the soundtrack to a campaign video for the new collection by one of this year’s New York Fashion Week designers.

He recently moved to New Zealand for several months to DJ and collaborate. Keep an eye out for this young producer on SoundCloud and Instagram, to find out where he’s playing and what he’s up to.

“There is no better way to learn something than get into the thick of it…[Dubspot] is more than a music school; it is a networking music haven,  constantly sharing and playing music and making new contacts. Everyone is there for one reason–to make music, and it is this drive that has [improved] my productions  massively.” – Teddy White