Dubspot Student Spotlight February 2015: STVRZ, buMMer, Everest, BB3, and BiZZNeZZ

In our February 2015 Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight some remarkable artists, DJs, and producers who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC, LA and Online. Get to know STVRZ, buMMer, Everest, BB3, and BiZZNeZZ!

Student Spotlight Feb 640

Dubspot Student Spotlight February 2015!

STVRZ // Toronto, Canada


Toronto-based drummer/producer STVRZ (a.k.a. Danny Bakerdjian) began performing live with a local instrumental band called Fear of Romance, who are his close friends. They recorded their only album entitled This Is Water in 2010 (available on iTunes). By 2011, Danny started producing experimental bass beats under the alias STVRZ. Combining his interests in sci-fi horror films with his colorfully energetic and evil twist of drum and bass, STVRZ quickly began to sculpt his sound. “A lot of the time I would just study tunes for hours just to figure out why it sounded so good.” His production is heavily influenced by rhythmic experimentation and sound designing, taking the listener on a dark journey into deep and dark Sbvss. Creating music for film is another one of his aspirations, as well as working with other producers and musicians. “It would be my dream to compose to a sinister sci-fi space movie.” Recently completing his courses at Dubspot Online in the EMP Master Program, and looking forward to what the future holds ahead.

“Imagination towards the stars!”

Listen to some sounds from STVRZ below:

“Many thanks to my instructors Matt Shadetek, James Patrick, and Evan Sutton for believing in my work and helping me find confidence in my music. I’ve learnt a lot from these dudes and I can really say my progress was phenomenal. I encourage anyone who wants to learn about producing or designing sounds to consider what Dubspot has to offer.” – Danny Bakerdjian ( STVRZ)

buMMer // Milan, Italy


buMMer is an electronic music project started by Marco M. and Andrea M. Lucano, brothers and musicians, in a basement in the hinterland of Milan, Italy. They began the project in 2010 live jamming with drums and synths. Years later, they decided to start producing original tracks. The result of this first approach to electronic production is the five track EP “Different Haircuts” that came out in late 2013. Their influences range from classical to forward-leaning electronic dance music (acid techno, drum and bass, glitch hop, and more). The duo’s touch combines seemingly disparate sonic qualities and rhythms to produce something fresh and totally their own. They’re currently working on remixes, original productions, collaboration with other international artists, and DJing. Look out for their next EP this year.

Listen to buMMer’s Different Haircuts EP below:

“As a drummer I decided to embrace the use of electronics and software to expand my musical and sonic possibilities both for production and live purposes. Dubspot experience helped me a lot improving my techniques and exploring an enormous range of possibilities. Instructors are amazing, and the students too. Dubspot is a place full of energy and full artistic inspiration, is a real melting pot of new ideas. I could see what new generations of producers are doing, and is amazing. I made a lot of friends who will remain forever.” – Marco Lucano

BiZZNeZZ // United States


BIZZNeZZ (a.k.a John Bissonnette) is an underground electro house and dubstep producer from Canada. While in college one of his instructors introduced him to sample looping, which marked the beginning of a fascination and love for making electronic music. An insatiable desire to learn, coupled with a non-stop work ethic make BIZZNeZZ a production machine. Marathon studio sessions are his forte. This path leads him to Dubspot’s Ableton Live / Traktor Digital DJ online course. It proved to be a turning point for his music productions. Since then his work has been released on Beatport and iTunes. Plans are in the works to start DJ’ing the local scene and performing his tracks live. Keep an eye on this producer / DJ as his career seems to be on the rise.

Check out some recent sounds from BIZZNeZZ below:

“The online course allowed me to move at my own pace. I think they were use to on line people moving more slowly. I moved very quickly through the lessons and loved every minute spent on the work. I also continued to work on my own productions on the side. I wanted to test myself by making quality work very quickly. My instructor seemed impressed with my abilities and speed. I would love to go there some day or even better work there. That would be awesome I bet. Out of all the courses I’ve done in life this was the best. If you work hard at this production stuff it will pay off. It just takes dedication, perseverance and grit.” – John Bissonnette (a.k.a. BIZZNeZZ)

Everest // United States


What is Success? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it recognition for perfecting your craft? Whatever it is, up and coming California-based hip hop artist Everest is after it. A performer since the age of 5, Everest has never been one to shy away from the spotlight.

Over the years, Everest was constantly exposed to music and hails from a long line of musicians. From songwriting to producing, from singing to recording, necessity has at times been the key component to Everest’s versatility. “Growing up I always needed beats and never felt I had enough, so eventually, I started making my own.” This sort of adaptability is rare and can surely be attributed to an environment full of obstacles and setbacks. Raised in a household plagued by domestic violence and alcohol abuse, the young artist turned to the streets looking for an escape. After his incarceration at the age of 19, Everest dedicated his life to music and is now closer than ever to superstardom. Music is an art in constant evolution, those that thrive within it posses a grit, determination and work ethic second to none. If you can attain these characteristics, then you may be able to achieve something only a few dare to pursue. The one thing Everest has been in search of his entire life, the one thing he believes he is destined for, GREATNESS.

Listen to some recent sounds from Everest below:

“Attending Dubspot (Maschine Program) was definitely a necessary step in my progression as a musician. It exposed me to new creative processes which have allowed me to take my craft to the next level” – Everest

BB3 // United States


“My music is part of a lineage of electronic dance and club music infused with dance rhythm. And for me, layered sounds and lyrics are the driving force. I produce dance music with a sense of mystery and theatre that will get you moving – Moving towards change. Moving to overcome what’s holding you back or oppressing you. Moving you to say, ‘This is me. And here we are. And we have so many worlds to break down, rebuild and celebrate.’ That’s BB3 Dynamics’ creative mandate. Music that moves you to be you and to make something happen. Something beautiful.” — BB3

BB3 is a global music producer, sound designer, and DJ. His high energy, boundary-pushing songs and remixes have moved international audiences on dance floors in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro. In addition, he captured the attention of United States audiences in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami. He is also the founder of BB3 Dynamics Productions.

BB3’s début “music film”, It’s in the Mind, which he stars in as well as wrote and produced the music soundtrack, was released in October 2014. BB3 is currently writing and recording his début EP, a provocative selection of mesmerizing and theatrical club compositions that introduce an intelligent and original artist who can hypnotize and as well as seduce. The début EP is a beguiling collection of tracks, each song sensuously layered, rich with unexpected high-energy dance sonic textures, and many featuring double entendres and hidden meanings in their lyrics. Prior to the release of his upcoming EP, BB3 has been releasing a series of other songs. The first song released October 2014 entitled “OUTTASIGHT.” 2015  brought the releases of “It’s in the Mind”, “Bionic Power (Pushing Harder, Jumping Higher)”, “Danger with a Stranger” and “Get Me to the Disco.” 

Read BB3 (a.k.a. Bates Belk III) full bio on his site.

Listen to BB3 “It’s in the Mind” below:

“Dubspot has been instrumental in providing me with the foundation to build a creative life of music. It’s an incredible electronic music school that is filled with top-notch instructors, that not only bring real world skills to the classroom, but also bring inspiration to it’s student-artists. Dubspot has made a positive impact on my career and my life.” – BB3

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