Dubspot Student Spotlight Feb 2014! CoDivide, Likkle Wing, Alan Fraze, Josh Hang, Ezra Huleatt (Black Taxi)

In our February edition of the Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight some remarkable artists, DJs, and producers who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC and Online. Get to know CoDivide, Likkle Wing, Alan Fraze, Josh Hang, and Ezra Huleatt of the band Black Taxi!

CoDivide // New York via Oregon, US

Dubspot Student Spotlight Gabriela d’Amatom A.K.A. CoDivide

Oregon native Gabriela d’Amato (also known as CoDivideentered the music scene as a sound artist, working with covert sampling and field recordings. Originally established as a graphic designer she has branched out to working with several forms of media from editorial design to multi-instrumental soundscapes. She is currently based in Brooklyn where she splits her time between her final semester at Parsons, numerous design collaborations, and her new found love for making music. Her creative style has always been guided by patterns, repetition, and un-requested surprise, its no coincidence that these elements communicate in her music as well.

CoDivide hopes to put her signature on everything she creates, paying special attention to sound design, atmospheric textures and pleasantly unpredictable percussion. The upcoming phase of her artistic career will focus on refining both her acoustic and electronic instrumentation, for the release of a debut EP titled Aftertouch – taking influence from ambient to drum and bass, and world percussion.

Listen to some recent sounds from CoDivide below:

“Completing the Music Production with Ableton Live program at Dubspot has without a doubt been one of the most exiting experiences I’ve had since moving to NYC five years ago. After walking out of my very first class I quickly realized and wondered ‘Why did I wait so long to start this?!’ The support of my teachers DJ KIVA and Atropolis has truly kick-started my music production skills, taking production from being a passionate dream, to a definite reality. I am so pleased to have been in the company of such talented and experienced mentors and classmates. I leave not only supported by these individuals, but with a sense of belonging to the music-making community at Dubspot!” – Gabriela d’Amato a.k.a. CoDivide

Josh Hang // Malta

Dubspot Student Spotlight Gozwe Falzon A.K.A. Josh Hang

Born and raised in the southern European country of Malta in 1991, Gozwe Falzon a.k.a. Josh Hang has been fascinated with music and unraveling the mysteries of sound from an early age. Throughout his musical journey, he has maintained a deep passion and consistent love and appreciation for classical music and electronic music. Gozwe begain to train as a DJ using turntables at the age of 18. He cultivated his skills by learning from his fellow friends and playing gigs. He was seeking a deeper connection with sound. “I wanted to feel music more closely”, Gozwe says. “Just about a year ago, I started taking piano lessons with Julian Dyson, and guitar lessons with Jonathan Ellul. My knowledge of music theory and skills are getting better by time which is important. Foundation is important!”

Listen to some recent sounds from Josh Hang below:

Josh Hang – Naih_

Josh Hang – Exhale

“It’s an open door policy here at Dubspot, remember that every day! The assignments will guide you to build your education in music production. Commit yourself every week! You’ll get results you never knew possible. I would like to thank Steve Nalepa and James Patrick, who where crucial for me to get through the course, and Chris Petti, who was the narrator along this course. Passionate people who love what they do. I found that right here at Dubspot! It’s an opportunity of a lifetime! Be part of it! And make music! Thank you Dubspot!” - Gozwe Falzon a.k.a. Josh Hang

Ezra Huleatt // New York, US

Dubspot Spotlight Ezra Huleatt

Ezra Huleatt (vocals, keys, trumpet) is the frontman for Black Taxi, an indie rock and roll outfit that does not shy away from funk and dance. He has studied jazz, composition, performance (trumpet), and Arranging with a number of different people, most recently in Los Angeles under the tutelage of James Newton. Ezra has toured extensively, performing at many festivals (Mountain Jam, SXSW, CMJ, etc) in addition to gigging internationally with Black Taxi. Currently his band is about to release their third full length album, the first on the No Shame record label. His songs have received radio play across the country, topped CMJ charts, and Black Taxi’s music video’s have garnered them a Webby nomination.

Check out “Chiaroscuro” from Ezra’s band Black Taxi below:

“I have never focused on the production side of music before, having spent my entire career as a performer and composer. Dubspot has opened me up to the world of Music Production and Sound Design and has been integral in getting me to think in new ways about composition and electronic music.” – Ezra Huleatt

Likkle Wing // Queensland, Australia

Dubspot Student Spotlight Matthew Simmons A.K.A. Likkle Wing

Matthew Simmons (Likkle Wing) grew up on a sugar cane farm in a small town in central Queensland, Australia. Growing up he had a natural attraction to Hiphop and Acoustic music and taught himself to play the guitar as a teen. When he was 20 years old moved away to live in his capital city Brisbane and was at this time when he took a great interest in djing and music and production so began to learn. Now days is influenced by all sorts of music from the likes of Night Slugs, Deep Medi, Fade to Mind, Shlohmo, Jerimih, Nosaj Thing, A$AP Mob, Wu Tang, UK Grime and Garage music. Wing is a part of a Dance in Brisbane called The Kush Club which runs basically every month now days. Every Party they have an international artist perform. So far some of the names they’ve hosted are Loefah & Chunky, Pearson Sound, Ben ufo, Lunice, Jam City, Lvis 1990 and Oneman just to name a few. Wing is going to continue to produce music back in Australia and work on building live sets which he plans on performing eventually.

Listen to some recent sounds from Likkle Wing below:

“With working so much it made it hard to really hone in on what direction i wanted to go with my music dubspot has helped me grow as an artist and my productions are sounding tighter and more professional every tune i make. Im really happy that i was able to learn the bits i needed to create my live setup, and with the knowledge from Music Foundations course i can start working on writing a live set!! If you feel you need to learn everything or just bridge the gaps Dubspot is Perfect for learning about music!” – Matthew Simmons a.k.a. Likkle Wing

Alan Fraze // Colorado, US

Dubspot Student Spotlight Alan Fraze

It was 1999 when a young Alan Fraze, after hearing roughly 5-10 seconds of trance music, declared, “This is what I’m going to listen for the rest of my life.” After that monumental night Alan received his first set of decks and a basic 2-channel mixer as a Christmas gift and his long journey began. Hailing from Denver, both a major hub for electronic music and a city where everyone is a DJ, Alan focused more on crafting organic music that helped him stand out amongst his peers. Presently, he’s known for his unique techno and tech house productions and his podcast that has surpassed the 100-episode milestone.

Alan’s music has been supported by some of the world’s best DJs including Richie Hawtin,Timo Maas, Phunk Investigation and Carl Cox who notably debuted one of Alan’s unreleased tracks on his renowned Global podcast. Selections from Alan’s catalogue have also graced Beatport’s “10 Must Tech House Tracks” in 2012 and “Miami Secret Weapons: Techno” in 2013 as well. Alan has already released one EP in 2014 and has several EPs in the works as well as steadily working on a 12-track album, titled Easy To Obtanium, coming out in 2014. In addition to these, he has had many releases that will confirm his status as an up and coming tech house/techno force to follow. With his 128 BPM Evolution podcast show reaching a staggering amount of plays, Alan is becoming a household name in the dance music community.

Listen to Alan’s latest EP below:

“I have always believed that I can learn something new every day. I needed to greatly expand my skill set and knowledge base so I could take my productions to the next level. I began my search for an institution that would be able to provide me with everything I was looking for. My search led me to Dubspot and to living in the Big Apple. I took “learning something now” motto and expanded on that every day for 7.5 months while I gained new knowledge with music foundation and acquired new skills in sound design, mixing and mastering, Djing, and working with my DAW. I wish I had attended Dubspot sooner so I could have added my newfound skills to my productions sooner!” – Alan Fraze