Dubspot Student Spotlight February 2016: JoGo, Airbender, DJ Jester, Koo

In our February 2016 Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight some outstanding student artists, producers, DJ’s, and musicians who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC, LA, and Online. Get to know JoGo, Airbender, DJ Jester, and Koo.

Dubspot Student Spotlight


JoGo | Denver, CO


JoGo (Joseph Gordon) is an 18-year-old Dj/Producer from Denver, CO with a bottomless list of influences ranging from Nujabes and Wax Tailor to Metallica, Bassnectar, and more. JoGo began his musical career drumming for Denver-based groups Scarlight and Zea and the Copper Children, recording an EP and an LP respectively before falling in love with the electronic sound and beginning to produce his own music. Joe has seven years of formal drum training under the prolific Vic Stauffenberg (Ryan Chrys and The Roughcuts), and has also taught himself bass, guitar, and piano. JoGo has been producing in Ableton for just over two years and strives to find a connection with the underground sounds of electronic music. In order to create hybrid genres, Joe intends to push the boundaries of music, fusing elements of organic live performance with electronic engineering and sound design. Joe lives for music claiming “I’ve always wanted to be immortal, but since I can’t, I want to make music that will be.” His sound is focused on heavy bass and sub bass elements with dubstep, drum and bass, and trap influences. However, stylistically JoGo leans heavily on instrumental hip-hop, heavy metal structures, and melodic ideas.

“Dubspot is pretty much like Hogwarts for electronic music. A truly open environment, where everyone is appreciated for their tastes. Going there has been a great experience for me, and one filled with non-stop growth.” ~ JoGo

Airbender | New York, NY

Dubspot Student Spotlight

Frank Pecoraro is a 23-year-old musician from Ellicott City, Maryland. Throughout his life, Franky has studied various musical arts such as percussion, singing, piano, violin, guitar, composition, and live performance. He constantly seeks to expand his love of music and creativity in general. Frank’s love of music was dramatically changed during his education at St. John’s College where he intensely studied a broad range of liberal arts. No matter what subject, mathematics, philosophy, poetry, prose, translation, chorus, or science, all of the arts informed his musical and creative study. While studying wave physics during his junior year, Frank became obsessed with the physics of sound, the techniques of sound design, and sound engineering. After graduation, Frank began pursuing various digital music projects before creating Airbender.

The dream-weaving experience of Airbender is innovative and immersive. Airbender is an electronic music project that was created in 2014 by Frank Pecoraro with the intention of generating inventive, mesmerizing, passionate, and moving genre bending music that is as engaging as it is powerful. Airbender draws influences from all sorts of different and familiar musical styles that combine some of their best elements into an entirely new and otherworldly experience. Referring to his work as “dreamscapes” or “imagination playgrounds,” Airbender seeks to generate music that takes the listener on a journey to engage their own creativity and imagination. The dream is to change the experience of electronic music, to foster a great love of music, and to share that love with others.

“In the short time I have spent taking classes at Dubspot I have already noticed a rather dramatic improvement in my personal compositions and in finding my own sounds to express myself. The classes themselves are excellent and engaging, however, the community that Dubspot fosters is by far the most important aspect of my experience. Every one of the instructors and students is incredibly passionate about music and are eager to discuss, teach and learn from and with anyone who shares that passion. This sort of environment is invaluable to any artist who desires to learn and foster a greater love for their art and is truly one of the qualities that makes Dubspot a very special place.” ~ Airbender


DJ Jester | Brooklyn, NY

Dubspot Student Spotlight

DJ Jester is a vinyl turntable DJ, who takes his Hip-Hop roots and fuses them with influences from rare grooves in Future Sounds, Funk, Soul, Afro-Beat, and Reggae to create his sets. As the Co-Founder and DJ for Brooklyn-based event series, record label and radio show, Beat Haus, Jester has been one of the major players in bringing beat-scene culture and future beats to the East Coast. His unique style and Beat Haus brand combined with his knack for turning a party out has caught the attention of high-profile sponsors such as Serato, Converse, 10Deep, Bushmills, and several others. Jester, with his partners Fresh Daily and Matt Boynton, throw Beat Haus Shows regularly in New York, and you can also catch DJ Jester on-air weekly on, Beat Haus Radio.

“I knew how to DJ on vinyl, but I knew almost nothing about scratching or beat juggling.  Dubspot’s Turntablism class was a massive cheat code. It helped me lock in techniques I’d struggled to learn on my own for years, plus a ton of new stuff I had always wanted to know.  The class made me a better DJ and connected me with people who continue to inspire my work.  Big up Precision, Shiftee, Codes and Excess!” ~ DJ Jester


Koo Hyuk Mo | South Korea

Dubspot Student Spotlight

When Koo was in middle school, he found a powered mixer in his church. That day launched the beginning of Koo’s musical journey. Though he didn’t know the function of each knob, he was still very excited about how he could change his voice color. The mixer only had three EQ band’s, but it was enough to enjoy. The second turning point of Koo’s musical journey was when he started playing drums at the age of 16, and later in high school, he joined the school rock band. Playing the drums, and appreciating all the sounds became a very important part to Koo. From tuning the heads, hearing the different sounds of various velocities, and everything thing else about drumming taught him how to make good sounds.

In 2002, Koo started using Cubase 2 with his band, introducing him to his first sequencer. Through his indie band experiences, he has learned a lot of musical skills. In 2006, he had a suggestion about the scholarship of Seoul Arts College’s Engineering course. Through that experience, he started a career in broadcasting. By Janruary 2008, Koo had mixed thousands of TV programs. Although there is not much to do with TV program mixing, he steadily practiced his mixing skills. However, Koo was always facing a great wall of thought; “Am I doing this right?” His commitment to expanding his skills and knowledge led him to discover Dubspot.

“I enrolled the DJ/Producer Master Program at Dubspot and the most important thing is that I met a lot of people who all have a passion for music like me. Also, the feedback from instructors is a priceless experience. The Dubspot experience solved all my problems and I have started to mix commercial songs.” ~ Koo Hyuk Mo


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