Dubspot Student Spotlight April 2014! Raven, Fade Face, Amine, DJ Color C2, Nerdy Kut

In our April 2014 Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight some remarkable artists, DJs, and producers who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC and Online. Get to know Raven, Fade Face, Amine, Color C2, and DJ Nerdy Kut.

Dubspot Student Spotlight April 2014

Dubspot Student Spotlight April 2014

Raven // Hamilton, MT, US

Michael Johnson (a.k.a. Raven)

Michael Johnson (a.k.a. Raven) is an experimental techno producer who currently creates his sound experiences in Hamilton, Montana. Inspired by the origin of noises in nature and industry, Michael mainly uses field recordings for his tracks and looks for rhythm and ambient structure there. He focuses on breaking “rules” of genres and bringing alternative ideas to dub techno. Instead of building a track that you would hear on the dance floor, Michael constructs sound experiences strongly influenced by emotions, places, and thought provoking ideas that will transport the listener to new worlds. He is forming his own approach to sound by taking inspiration from a select few artists like Vex’d, Roly Porter, Paul Jebanasam, Raime, and The Haxan Cloak. Michael has a few EPs forthcoming this year, is currently working on a live set, and planning his first album.

Check out some recent sounds from Raven below:

“I’ve always known that I have a strong passion for music. Naturally, I decided that I wanted to create sounds and put out ideas that I wasn’t hearing. There was only so much I could teach myself until I decided to turn to Dubspot Online. The way the classes are setup worked perfect with my work schedule. The courses were fun and always pushed me to become more creative with each class. Right away I was learning techniques that would have taken me years to figure out! Receiving constructive feedback was always the best part of the courses. All the teachers were so helpful and supportive of the music I was making too! Thanks to Dubspot I am the producer I want to be today and always create something I love.” – Michael Johnson (Raven)

Fade Face // New York, NY, US

Otavio Lemos (a.k.a. FadeFace)

Otavio Lemos (a.k.a. Fade Face) was born in Mount Vernon, New York . Growing up, Otavio was surrounded by hip hop. He cits artists like Nas and Big L as early influences. His voracious musical appetite led him to some old Plastikman tracks like “Sheet One” and Jeff Mills “The Art of Connecting” and since then he has been hooked on techno. In his early teens, Otavio began attending Dubspot. He studied DJing, Music Production with Ableton Live, Sound Design and Synthesis, and Mixing and Mastering. Otavio completed his first full length album Mollin at 17. During his 5 years going to Dubspot, his musical style and perspective changed, moving from house to tech house to minimal and finally just straight up techno. He fell in love with these styles of music and immediately dove deeper to find out how it was made. Being inspired by artists like Moe Espinosa a.k.a. Drumcell, Richie Hawtin,  and Richard Devine, Otavio is now working on his next album and hopes to have it done by the summer of 2014.

Listen to Fade Face album Mollin below:

“Over the 5 years, Dubspot has become a family to me. Literally growing up in this environment, I’ve had the chance to make great friends, work and share my music with people who share the same passion for music as I do. Also getting this chance to work with people who enjoy different types of music, really gave me the inspiration to kind of change the way I think when I’m in the studio. From track to track and sound to sound, Dubspot helped me progress as an artist and expand my creativity.” – Otavio Lemos (a.k.a. Fade Face)

Amine // New Orleans, LA, US

Amine Belkhouche

Amine Belkhouche is a multi-instrumentalist artist and producer whose life and experience has spanned four continents and five languages. Amine draws from his multi-cultural experiences and influences in his music production, providing him with a rich repertoire of musical ideas. Experiencing different cultures and languages has taught Amine that one must always keep an open mind and a receptive ear.

Now in his 2nd year at Tulane University in New Orleans, Amine is currently studying Music Composition, Guitar, and Music Science and Technology, in the goal of expanding his musical skills and vocabulary, providing him the tools necessary to become an excellent musician. Amine looks forward to combining this diverse set of skills to help him forge a unique and powerful sonic stamp, evident in everything he creates.

Listen to a recent track from Amine below and head over to his SoundCloud and YouTube channel for more:

“My time at Dubspot was one of musical growth. I have progressed so much compared to where I was a year ago and I have the instructors and the content to thank for that. The Sound Design course has completely transformed the way I think and has given me the much-needed confidence in my abilities. Just like with anything in life, you get back what you put into it. I gave a lot during my time at Dubspot and I definitely got back a lot in return. I definitely think I will be back to take another course from Dubspot.” – Amine Belkhouche

DJ Color C2 // Switzerland

DJ Color C2

Swiss DJ Color C2 grew up listening to a wide variety of music. As a DJ and music obsessive, the constant thread that runs through his eclectic taste is funk. Working as a sound engineer and booking agent, he further developed his listening habit and maintains an open ear and open mind to collaborate with fellow musicians. He has traveled many times to Brazil, France, and the UK, playing alongside and inviting artists back to Switzerland. He’s played some of the biggest festivals in his home country, delivering what he calls “ghetto funk break style” (a mixture of funk, soul, R&B, hip hop, breaks, and dubstep).

Listen to some recent sounds from DJ Color C2:

“Even at age 37 and more than 20 years of working in various parts in the music business and constantly playing as a DJ, the Music Production with Ableton Live course gave me the final kick-start to actually start producing. It’s never too late! I learned Cubase myself. Dubspot gave me an overall essential knowledge that everybody should know, in order to avoid frustration when starting to produce. It’s like building a house, if the foundation is weak, the rest of the building won’t work. I will definitely come back to do more courses at Dubspot, meanwhile I will take an online course. I’m about networking and Dubspot is the perfect place to get in touch with people.” - Daniel Schaerz (a.k.a. DJ Color C2)

DJ Nerdy Kut // Switzerland

Gregory German (a.k.a. DJ Nerdy Kut)

Gregory German (a.k.a. DJ Nerdy Kut) is a professional drumer who has played in many bands in Switzerland. Two years ago, he decided to extend his musical knowledge, so he starded to listen a lot of electronic music until he discovered that he wanted to create his own music. His foray into music production began with Logic Studio, than he moved on to Native Instruments Maschine, which he found much easier but Gregory wasn’t satisfied. Around 10 months ago, he started using Ableton Live and started DJing at the same time. To further improve his electronic music production and DJ skills, he started taking classes Dubspot.

Listen to some recent sounds from DJ Nerdy Kut:

“I was looking for some scratch tutorials and I found these videos from DJ Shiftee on Dubspot’s YouTube Channel. So I decided to do the DJ / Producer Certificate Program. Dubspot is one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. I’ve learned really all what I wanted to know, and for me it was also a very good opportunity to meet new people, network, and of course being in the wonderful and crazy city of New York. Big thanks to DJ Kiva, Adam ‘Atropolis’ Partridge, DJ Esto, DJ Codes, DJ Spiktacular, DJ precision and DJ Rafik. Peace!” – Gregory German 

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