Dubspot Selections 004: Thom Yorke, Burial, Four Tet, Photek, Derringer +

Thom Yorke, Burial, Four Tet – “Mirror” (Text Records)
Delicate steps on glossy wood floors direct confused, melancholy lyrics and ghostly backing vocals, while a hollow wind blows through hard chambers. Effected flutes and emotional humming explain a bit more, allowing the way for familiarly steady subs and the bursting through of a fully expressive hook that trails off into a fragile aura, absorbing fir textured bubbles. But these introspective revelations speak too closely to themselves, and an ominous feedback ensues, creating an awareness of circumspect settings. True meaning seems visible here, and a comfort in this useful reality manifests itself as liquid momentum. An epilogue of emptiness as a final memory brings the journey to a close. The pre-order first run of wax for this new collaboration sold out before it was heard by most people. - MS


Photek – Avalanche (Photek Productions)
Word of a new Photek EP spread like wildfire over the past few weeks and trainspotters from all corners of sound were talking about this new slab of wax from the one and only Rupert Parkes. In the late 90s and around the turn of the century Parkes was quite prolific (although releases were sparse they were always amazing) – defining his own sound of Drum + Bass that evolved subtly with each release. A few years back Photek left the UK for the sunnier shores of Los Angeles and since then the world hadn’t really heard much from him. Until this week… and what a roar! The Avalanche EP finds Parkes changing his own game a bit – heading directly into dubstep territory and showing the new-school how clicks and cuts fit overtop a filthy filtered bassline with finesse. “Avalanche” sounds like it took a cue from Modeselektor in the way it delivers a very catchy bass-driven tune while at the same time appealing to the producers amongst us with very clean sounds. You may love it.. you may not love it.. but there is no denying that bassline..  and the magic that Parkes brings to a record. - MW


Jeff Derringer – Exit Sound (Perc Trax)
This week we’ve got a hot new track for the techno set by New York native and Dubspot graduate Jeff Derringer. Jeff’s been making a name for himself as host of the Oktave series of events as well as an EP on Perc Trax (Tarantula) that released in December. This week Jeff delivers his second project to the label – this time in the form of the dissonant and percolating “Exit Sound” (which features the original mix, a remix by Dino Sabatini and another remix by Milton Bradley.) The original mix of “Exit Sound” takes the ace on this one with a tune that is dark (a departure from his last releases), refined and fits perfectly with the artists that play with Jeff at Oktave (such as Lucy and Sandwell District.) This is Jeff Derringer’s third release and he’s already getting play from top jocks and the original “Exit Sound” was featured in Beatport’s “Ten Must Hear Techno Tracks for the week for March 16.” Props! (And ps we love it!)  - MW

S0n!ka – “Bright Light” (Kursed Recordings)
At a brisk pace, “Bright Light” races through the cleanliness of green forests where advanced cultures live in urban settings at harmony with the foliage. But residing alongside the wilderness necessitates the management of certain perils, and this output of S0n!ka’s doesn’t drift into carefree fantasies, keeping things grounded with plentiful subs and weighty stabs. Eventually, it deals with these issues head on, but allows itself to enjoy the healthy air of things. Wide synth lines float about in patient loops while a springy syncopation flits about within a steady throbbing beat. Electric thrusts add to the rhythm, leading into a new section where the beat switches, offering more space for complexity while keeping its underlying gait as hertz drop and echos are cast. Stars flutter brightly overhead before a recognition of responsibility is demanded, and the jog of pleasure turns its eye towards conflict. Night is dark here, and the synths become a bit meaner as another percussive pattern alights. Slowly, it lets its guard down, happy to not dwell, and “Lights” circles back around to its original intentions. [COP IT] - MS

Innasekt – “Cluster” (Boka Records)
“Cluster” constantly tugs at your consciousness, pulling your attention from the interstellar light. A cycle of low end wobbles call over and over again deep beneath the surface. The moans of apparitions chime in, originating from different forms of instrumentation that wander off in these disembodied breaths. A half step beat sets the agenda, where a variety of telltale ‘dubstep’ percussive smashes close each measure throughout. The beat revolves around two main loops, each dynamic and littered with flourishes – one stretching back with syncopated cymbals and launching into the aforementioned smash, the other bouncier with skittery rims and deep kicks. [BUY IT]

  • Denora
  • 3/20/2011

Amazing tracks, keep us posted!