Dubspot Selections 006: Jacques Greene, LDFD, Actress, Soul Clap, Big K.R.I.T. +

Panda BearSurfer’s Hymn (Actress rmx) [Kompakt]

Great line up of talent on this release as we have Cologne’s prolific Kompakt label licensing Panda Bear (that’s Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox) “Surfer’s Hymn”  with a remix by Actress. London’s Darren Cunningham (aka Actress) strips most the vocal out and works a hypnotic blend of ocean-sounds, plink-plonk melodies and chopped samples to a tribal rhythm for the floor. It’s shoegaze techno for 2011 and it’s fantastic. Swirling bits of vocals and sine stabs build for two minutes and then the bassline takes over from there as the beat stutters itself out to an ending. Epic track from all parties involved and dare I say better than the original. [BUY IT] - MW


Soul ClapLonely C [K7]

Boston’s talented Soul Clap recently released a K7 Dj Kicks mix-CD compilation with partners-in-crime Wolf + Lamb that has been a chart-topper and comes full of original tunes from both camps. One of the trademarks of the Dj Kicks series is to release one track by the artist that is exclusive to the mix and released by K7. For this mix Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine turn in a melancholy piece of work called “Lonely C” where Charlie croons bits of romantic nostalgia through a de-tuned vocoder. Backed by the trademark Soul Clap sound (loose, slow, clean disco beats) this one’s become a popular track for downtime on the dance floor. K7 also sponsored a contest for someone to create a video for this track and the above video (by Dan Hellmann) won for it’s cool robot costume and and bleak but fun look. Hellmann explains more: ”The video is a collaboration by a group of friends. Inspired by the loneliness of the song, we filmed the story of a man trapped in routine longing for connection with the world around him.” [BUY IT] - MW


A Taut Line & Hong Kong in the 60s – “Don’t Wake Me (LDFD Remix)” [Disktopia]

The recent revival of 808s is probably due in most people’s eyes to the international rise of juke. But trap music deserves its recognition too, since they’ve been rocking that drum box palette for a hot minute now. This LDFD remix takes those ghetto-birthed beats as a starting point with their mechanized drum rolls and the bouncing 808s spelling out the S-W-A-G, then he pulls that all into the worldwide club context that the Southern genre has grown to influence. The Dallas-based LDFD replaces the raw, horrorcore synths for those of a more uplifting nature; adds some wistful vocal samples, glassy hits, and glitchy effects; and then places it all at the 130ish BPM that’s the current Rosseta language of bass music. [BUY IT] - MS


Jacques Greene – “Another Girl” [Lucky Me]

When I first heard Jaques Greene spin, it was a couple months ago at Turrbotax. I’d been drawn by the headliner that night, but it was Greene’s name that grew larger in my mind. He compelled us to cast an inward focused eye, and within lay the urge to dance. We’d been shown the neon light. This month the Montreal-based producer and deejay dropped a new tune called “Another Girl”, which builds on that emotional tug towards the floor. He’s again sampled pained R&B vocals and stretches and repeats them until they loose all meaning only to become simple fact of sound – almost like a meditative mantra. The voice is wrapped around a couple airy, vintage synths; a big kick-snare beat that tumbles with rocky clacks on every third bar; and throwback bass stabs that boost the rhythm while contributing melody. We might just be yet another boy or girl, but on the dancefloor we’re one big crowd. [BUY IT] - MS


Big K.R.I.T. – “Time Machine” [#ReturnOf4Eva]

Big K.R.I.T.‘s latest street album ReturnOf4Eva pays homage to some of the best rappers and producers to emerge from the American south and Midwest over the last fifteen years or so. The rising Mississippi producer and rapper released his debut KRIT Wuz Here last year and that near perfect mixtape is still fresh in our memories, but with ReturnOf4Eva K.R.I.T. has crafted another amazing sophomore southern rap street album. The new album is a cohesive string of songs heavily influenced by legendary southern rap groups like UGK, OutKast and Goodie Mob, Scarface, 8Ball & MJG, Three 6 Mafia, and let’s not forget David Banner – K.R.I.T.’s fellow Mississipian who guests on one of the tracks. Indeed, listening to this album, you’ll definitely hear the influences of life-affirming and hard working class raps next to the superb, pimp-type raps and highly refined (SLAB) music productions – K.R.I.T. is wearing his influences on his sleeve, isn’t afraid to let them shine. “Time Machine” is one of the strongest cuts on the album, if not one of his best tracks – a superb, nostalgic banger, brilliant twists of synths and guitars reinforced by slow rolling and staggering 808s as K.R.I.T. spits advice and raps he received from his father. [DOWNLOAD] - LF