Dubspot & Rockstar Games : Beaterator Partnership for Music Education

Dubspot is proud to announce our new partnership with Rockstar Games, which surrounds their ground-breaking new music making program, Beaterator.  Going way beyond a simple video game, Beaterator is a self-contained music making system, with far-reaching capabilities and cutting edge design and function.

Through this partnership, Dubspot has agreed to bring our educational expertise to the table, and develop a curriculum for the program, harnessing Beaterator’s capabilities and channeling them towards music education for kids.

Our unique 2-hour workshops provide an introduction to music making with mobile technology via Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP). The objective of the workshops isn’t necessarily to just teach the tool; even in a short period of time, students can significantly increase their knowledge of compositional and musical materials through the filter of this application.

**Update: WCBS covered our first class at Dubspot:

beaterator - synth loop

- Objectives of the workshops -

* Encourage students to use mobile technology to experiment creatively.
* Use sampling technology as a way to building upon their performance and improvisation skills with voice and instruments.
* Demonstrate how music theory and compositional concepts can be represented in the interface of a mobile application, from phrase structure to chordal structure and rhythm.

We will be leaving each school 2 Sony PSP systems and Beaterator
titles for future use in the classroom. We’ll schedule one class
period for hands-on work with the students (see outline below), plus
an additional period for follow-up. This is really an opportunity for us
to get your input for these kinds of programs in the future, too.

PLease email us of you are interested in participating: info@dubspot.com

- Mission -

Musical practice has always been an opportunity for young people to be
active creators, to engage critical and expressive faculties, rather
than simply act as passive consumers. Mobile technology offers a new
window into those kinds of expression, composition, and musical play.
Sony’s PSP is technically a game platform, but it’s also a handheld
computer that can match the processing capabilities of desktop
computer systems from only a few years in the past. Rockstar’s
Beaterator employs that power to make studio production tools
portable, as a game developer discovers that creative interaction can
go well beyond the conventional realm of games. Reaching beyond modes
for casual play, one finds editing features, signal processing, and
production tools that work just as desktop computer equivalents do. At
the same time, its portability can encourage play and experimentation
not possible with conventional studio tools.

This project will reach out to young people to give them basic tools
for exploring compositional ideas, extending their musical abilities
and voice to the digital medium. Rather than simply rearranging loops,
a brief workshop will introduce them to compositional and arranging
tools, and help them sample their own performances with voice,
instruments, and found sound to produce truly original creations.

By documenting the feedback from students and educators, the project
also seeks to discover how a game developer’s users can interact with
a tool creatively, and how mobile digital technology can work with
music education. Bridging the gap between “play” and “education,” this
pilot program can find new media for musical learning and discovery.

beaterator- sound editor


1. Navigating the Beaterator software and getting started
2. Going beyond simple loop playback into active production with Studio Mode
3. Drums programming, understanding rhythm in composition
4. Melodic programming, working with chordal structure, harmony, step
entry as musical notation
5. Sounds and timbre
6. Arrangement, phrase structure, and sequencing patterns
7. Recording samples, incorporating instrumental and vocal improvisation

(A more detailed lesson plan will be provided)