Dubspot Radio Podcast: Paxico Records – Label Showcase and Interview

In the latest installment of our Dubspot Radio Podcast, Chris Hund of the Brooklyn-based cassette imprint Paxico Records and label artist Malik Abdul Rahmaan stop by Dubspot NYC HQ for an exclusive interview and showcase of the label’s discography. We talk to Chris and Malik about he origin of Paxico, their individual influences, traveling around the world, and upcoming projects.


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Paxico is a small, vertically integrated record label created by Chris Hund. The label includes help from Josh Hey, Milo Newman, Dennis Lynch, and other friends and cohorts. The slow-growing, idiosyncratic collection of handmade cassettes and art is an ongoing study of futurism and folklore realized in a series of releases. Each release is organized to show the special rapport between its audio and visual components. Paxico Records releases are also carried by select retailers in Japan, France, Australia, Germany, and the US. 

Chris was born and raised in rural Kansas. He lived in Rhode Island for several years, where he attended the Rhode Island School of Design for photography. Chris later moved the company to New York in 2010, now settling into the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.

1. Malik Abdul Rahmaan: Live at the Powwaw

2. Josh Hey – Why (Indeed)
3. Cloud – Whatutrynado (Silhouettes)
4. Cloud – Fears and Tears (Silhouettes)
5. Cloud – Beauty is the Enemy (Silhouettes)
6.Poptartpete – Poop (Eight Cavities)
7. Sigmund Washington – Can You Carry On (All My Mistakes Recorded)
8. Sigmund Washington – A Reluctant Invitation (All My Mistakes Recorded)
9. Swarvy – November (deMilo Compilation)
10. Vhvl – &&& (deMilo Compilation)
11. mndsgn – daylightsavings (deMilo Compilation)
12. Chief – FiftyFour (deMilo Compilation)
13. DJM trio covers Dil Withers – We, Our Future  (Cave Art)
14. DJM trio cover Doom – One Beer (Cave Art)
15. LIKE – Bootsy’s Groove, excerpt* (Soundscapes)
16. LIKE – Nothing Matters (Soundscapes)
17. Chris Hund – For the Birds (album???)
18. KVZE – Mind Probe (Space Smudge Serenade)

Keep up with Paxico Records on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and on their site.

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