Dubspot Radio Podcast: ENDO (Instructor / Traktor Specialist) – Exclusive Mix and Interview

For this week’s Dubspot Radio Podcast we present globetrotting DJ, NI product specialist, and Dubspot Instructor ENDO with a mix of solid, slow burning deep house grooves. We also talk to ENDO about some of his DJ influences, falling in love with Los Angeles, the new Traktor Kontrol S8, and advice for up-and-coming DJs.


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Mike Henderson, aka ENDO, is a self-described “man of many different hats.” Known to many as the guy who created the most widely-used Maschine mapping for Traktor Pro, to others as the individual who originally figured out how to sync Ableton Live and Traktor, the force behind harmonic mixing and a contributor to the Mixed In Key algorithm, the tour manager of Pete Tong, Dubfire, Sharam, Felix Da Housecat, (and other top DJs), the Native Instruments product specialist, the lead Traktor instructor at Dubspot…or as the great ENDO, who has no problem holding down a 12-hour birthday set live on the radio. Header over to ENDO.com for his complete bio.

6 Questions for ENDO

Tell us about some of your early DJ influences… Who were some of the first DJs you saw that made you want to do it yourself?

I was blessed to see so many world class DJs every weekend in Montreal, Vermont and around New England growing up as a DJ. I was always inspired by DJs who push the envelope. Bad Boy Bill was one of my biggest influences as a DJ. His mix CD series Bangin The Box was always a non-stop rapidfire medly of awesome house tracks and acapellas and had up to 99 songs in an hour mixed flawlessly and harmonically. I always tried to figure out ways to do that kind of thing live, which actually inspired a lot of my Traktor mappings that I use live. DJ Craze was always one of those DJs who stayed ahead of the technology curve and I always loved how diverse he was as a DJ playing multiple sets in one night at some raves I would go to. He was always a master at turntablism, and an all around sick DJ. Z-Trip was a master of taking every genre of music and blending it in one set, and DJs like Hybrid, Sasha and Paul Okenfold got me turned on to harmonic mixing, and were masters at telling a story through their sets. I picked up some influence from the hardcore / gabber scene with DJs like Rob Gee, and I was also heavily influenced by my friends and mentors Tricky Pat, Craig Mitchell and DJ Patti (Chris Pattison) from Vermont who showed me the way of the warrior.

What would you do if you weren’t a DJ?

I’d probably be a fisherman on some tropical island, but wouldn’t make much money doing it since I’d probably eat most of my profits. I was also a state champion wrestler, all star baseball player and mathematics wizard growing up.

How and where was this mix was recorded?

This was actually my first mix that I recorded on the Traktor Kontrol S8. I recorded it at my home studio in LA, completely unrehearsed. The mix is a love story, with lots of meaning behind each track and features some new (and old) tunes that I love from some of my best friends and artists I’ve been touring with or have crossed paths with lately on the road.

Tell us about the S8′s features, and what advantages or creative possibilities did it provide?

The Traktor Kontrol S8 has completely changed the game for me. I don’t want to play without it anymore. The touch sensitive knobs and LED screens gave me a whole new workflow as a DJ that I can’t turn away from. It allows me to interact more with my crowd and the music and less on being stuck inside a computer screen and literally everything you can do in Traktor you can do on the S8. I personally use the S8 with 3-4 CDJs and also use my Maschine mapping for Traktor, that is now available on the MIDI Monsters website since it allows me to use all the features of the S8 with the extra customized mapping I did with Maschine.

You recently moved to Los Angeles and are teaching at Dubspot LA after many years of teaching in New York. Name the best and the worst thing about living and working in LA.

I really feel like I finally found my home in LA. I love the city, and the people and atmosphere here. Everyone is happy and inspired and some of my best friends in the world live here. Its so nice coming home after a long tour to nice weather and good friends, and everyone here is creating and making big moves. I live in Hollywood in walking distance from all of my favorite music companies; Native Instruments, Subpac, Dubspot, VModa, ACS Custom and more. Hollywood is the hub right now! The one downside is all my flights to gigs are super early in the morning and flights are long, but my status on every airline is going way up, and I don’t sleep anyways so its all good!

Advice to students and up-and-coming DJs?

My advice is find your sound thats unique to you and tells your story, and practice, practice, practice. Never stop learning, never stop practicing, and hustle until your blue in the face. You could be the most talented musician in the world but unless you know how to promote yourself, the world will never know about you. Also stay humble and be yourself. Nobody likes annoying, fake, shameless name droppers. This is a creative industry and we’re all artists, and we’re all crazy and unique in our own ways. Find what’s awesome and unique (and maybe even crazy) about yourself and let it shine through your art.

1. Hybrid – Poisenous Echo (Original Mix)[A&L]
2. Walk – Sasha Radio Edit (SD Master)
3. Barry Jamieson – Stars (Guy J Remix)[microCastele]
4. Rufus – Desert Night (Jesse Rose Remix)[Sweat It Out!]
5. Ripperton – Leonors Lanugo (Radio Slave Remix Part 2)[Green]
6. Deetron, Ripperton, Roots Panorama – Mars (Deetron Panorama Version)
7. Foals – Late Night Solomun Remix [Warner Brothers]
8. Kidnap Kid – Stronger [Black Butter Records]
9. Bambook, Cari Golden, Mennie, Slip Away (Larse Vocal Mix)[Noir Music]
10. Jay West, Manuel Sahagun – Got Me Insane (Original Mix)[Electronique]
11. Jaymo & Andy George – In My Way [Moda Black]
12. Francesca Lombardo – What To Do (Original Mix)[Crosstown Rebels]
13. Tube & Berger, in.deed. – Highness [Kittball]
14. Reckless with your Love (Tigas What Iz Houze Musik Remix)[Permanent Vacation]
15. Avicii – Wake Me Up Pang Slow Things Down Remix

Keep up with ENDO on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and on his site.

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