Dubspot Radio Podcast: Lean Automatic + Exclusive Mix and Interview!

For this week’s episode of Dubspot Radio, we welcome Lean Automatic, a Brooklyn-based producer/vocalist for an exclusive Trip-Hop mix and interview about his new project, Black Space Odyssey.

Lean Automatic

During this week’s episode of Dubspot Radio, Pozibelle sat down with producer/vocalist Lean Automatic and chopped it up about his new Experimental Trip-Hop project, Black Space Odyssey. The interview is followed by a trippy, rhythm driven mix full of unreleased and exclusive tracks from Lean Automatic, Black Space Odyssey, and friends… tune in to get Black Spaced!

Track List:

1. Lean Automatic – Numitor

2. Lean Automatic – Rageaholic

3. Lean Automatic – Galapagos

4. Shabazz Palaces – #Cake

5. Lean Automatic – My Parking Lot, Your Mountain Range

6. Sixtus Preiss – Hube

7. Clap! Clap! – Buck

8. Lean Automatic – Punctuation Diagram

9. Lean Automatic – Zodiac Installer

10. Black Space Odyssey – Commanche

11. Clap! Clap! – Kuj Yato

12. Shabazz Palaces – Are you…Can you…Were you? (Felt)

13. Jackson Whalan – Patient Virtue( feat. Rasp 5 and Lean Automatic )

14. Clap! Clap! – Ichnusa

15. Black Space Odyssey – Umbizi

16. Black Space Odyssey – Orion

17. Black Space Odyssey – Acanthite

18. Sixtus Preiss – Around Here ( remix )

19. Black Space Odyssey – Lophophora

20. Lean Automatic – Annubis

About Black Space Odyssey

Black Space Odyssey is an Experimental Trip Hop duo based out of Brooklyn, N.Y. Lead by “Lean Automatic” on vocals and live production, with “Op Grime” on drums, These two talented artists have been recording and touring together for over 12 years. Their newest project “Black Space Odyssey” is an epic journey into the world of electronic music production hitting you from the gate with fast paced native rhythms, witty lyrical content, and a very arrogant bass.

Keep up with Lean Automatic and Black Space Odyssy on SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website

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