Dubspot Radio Podcast: Atropolis (Dutty Artz / Cumba Mela) | Live Performance + Interview

For this week’s installment of Dubspot Radio Podcast, we have a fantastic live performance mix by Atropolis (Dubspot instructor Adam Partridge). Originally recorded for KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles during the World Music Festival in Chicago, Adam utilized an array of instruments and controllers including Ableton PUSH, LIVID DS1, Keith McMillen Softstep, Native Instruments X1 MK2, and a Gaita (Colombian flute). The mix contains original tracks along with official remixes. We also talk to Adam about his recent and upcoming projects and about putting together his live set.


Five Questions for Atropolis

How and where was Atropolis FM 90.7 recorded?

The mix was for 90.7 FM (LA radio Station) it is a recording of a live set I did for the World Music Festival in Chicago. I recorded the set using Ableton PUSH, Livid DS1, two Akai MPK mini keyboards, Korg Wavedrum, Keith McMillen SoftStep, Native Instruments X1 MK2, and a Gaita (Colombian flute).

The mix was a segment from my live set in Chicago, recorded and performed using Ableton Live and all the controllers and instruments listed above.

What are some of the ideas behind the mix?

The idea behind the mix is simple, I finally took the step to working with a live set rather than a DJ format. This approach allowed me to explore mashing up my own original work, re-arranging it, and adding new parts to my songs in a live format. Really exciting and fulfilling, I’ve been a live musician my whole life, and although I love to DJ, there is this inner battle to do more, to be more active with my musicianship. It was exciting that David Chavez (DJ Sound Culture), promoter/ DJ from Chicago, who booked me for this world music festival, requested for a live set. This was the final push to finally make it happen.

The set is made up of all original tracks and official remixes.

What have you been up to recently?

My most recent project is a remix for Six Degrees Records. It’s for an Indian group called the Midival Punditz and is kind of like a combination of hip-hop, heavy bass, and drums mixed with traditional Indian percussion and traditional Indian singing. It should be released this summer sometime. I am very excited about it. It was a real pleasure working with this incredible band.

My most recent release on Dutty Artz was a collaboration with Yaccouba Sissoko, a very talented musician from Mali, who was born into its country’s rich musical heritage that has been literally passed on for centuries.

What’s inspiring you these days?

What is inspiring me these days is working with live musicians. I am currently planning my next project, and it is going to be focused around collaborating with live musicians. I learned that my most successful tracks included some kind of live element, whether its vocals or instrumental. So I am focusing my energy towards getting other musicians in the studio and creating electronic elements around their performance.

What are you up next?

I hope to complete this project for winter or spring of 2016.

It makes sense that a lifelong New Yorker has created an album that encompasses the best of a number of musical influences the city has to offer. Adam ‘Atropolis’ Patridge was born and raised in Queens, New York, one of the most diverse places in America. By age 16, Adam was deep into sounds from Mali, Nigeria, the Balkans, the Caribbean, and South America. Living in the melting pot meant that all those musical communities were nearby. Years later, Patridge created a fresh-to-death amalgamation of Nueva Cumbia, Dubstep, Moombahton, Afro-Colombian house, and Kuduro. His creations have caught the ears of studied future world music professionals; Dutty Artz label heads Jace “DJ/Rupture” Clayton and Matt Shadetek.

About Atropolis

As an accomplished arranger and multi-instrumentalist, Patridge decided to leave his work on commercials to found the Cumba Mela DJ collective. Their “anything goes” vibe of the collective was fresh as the first party happened on a pirated ship docked in a dirty creek in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The ambitious, community-oriented Cumba Mela parties brought in performers, film, food, and visual artists. They reflected Adam’s commitment to making fresh dance music that emerged from the sounds of his native city — a city of immigrants hustling to make old worlds and new worlds dance together. Even Adam’s own family hails from Greek Cyprus. Check out more of Adam’s story more at Dutty Artz.

Keep up with Atropolis on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

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