Dubspot Presents ‘Roots and Future’ Part 1: Kingston’s Gabrie Selassie (Rockers) Talks Sound System Culture – Jamaica and Worldwide!

Dubspot is very proud to present Roots & Future - a special month-long video series celebrating the pioneers, innovators, and torch-bearers of Jamaican music. We begin Roots & Future month with a look at Kingston’s current soundscapes.

Since the late 1960s, the small island nation of Jamaica has maintained one of the world’s most vibrant music scenes, sparked various musical styles and revolutions (reggae, ska, dub, and dancehall to name a few), and introduced new recording and production techniques to the world. Without question, Jamaican music and culture continues to influence a wide variety of musical genres around the globe.

In this first installment of Roots & Future, Dubspot instructor and Dutty Artz co-founder Matt Shadetek caught up with DJ and producer Gabrie Selassie of Rockers Sound Station and Kingston Dub Club for an interview about sound system culture and roots music in 21st century Kingston, keeping alive the musical traditions of Rockers, one of the many innovative sound systems and recording labels established during the golden age of Jamaican music by pioneer roots reggae artist and dub producer Augustus Pablo. In the video, we are also introduced to the Suns of Dub, a collaborative project between Augustus Pablo’s son Addis Pablo and Ras Jammy. Gabrie Selassie also talked about the importance of having a unique sound, and using music as a tool to bridge boundaries.