Dubspot Podcast: Policy (Rush Hour, 100% Silk, Argot)

Our March edition of the Dubspot Podcast is a very special mix from Policy (100% Silk, Rush Hour), an hour-long excursion into deep shuffling house.

Dubspot Podcast Feat. Policy

We return this month with a fantastic mix from prolific house producer Policy. Policy has been putting in serious work for the past few years with releases on some of the best underground labels out there like Rush Hour, 100% Silk and Argot. The Brooklyn-based producer has a wide production range and has made everything from disco informed deep house to full-on 2step bass music in the past. His latest album-length EP on 100% Silk, Postscript, focuses classic deep house with chopped disco samples and chunky basslines. We got the chance to ask Policy a few questions about his production process, how he stays motivated and what’s in the pipeline for 2014.

Dubspot Interview w/ Policy

Dubspot: What is your background and how did you get started in music and DJing?

Policy: I have been a musician most of my life, but I started producing electronic music pretty late. I fell in love with it while scoring two films that I co-directed. We failed to get the sync rights to an Aphex Twin track, and I decided to try and make my own version of it.

How would you describe your sound?

I guess it’s deep, broken and shuffly music with a bit of soul. It’s often the result of trial and error, and choosing to keep the ‘errors’.

What’s your studio setup like?  In the box or outboard gear?

I typically like to create sounds with my outboard gear and record them into the computer to manipulate them further. I’ve always used an Akai rack sampler as my main sampler. Besides that I’ve got a small collection of rack synths and effects.

You’re a very prolific producer and output a lot of consistently great work, any workflow tips for up-and-coming producers?

Thank you. When I first started making tracks, I went through many, many months of having the juices flowing and writing music and experimenting, night after night. After a while though, that initial urge changes form, and I had to learn to respond with a measure of discipline. I think if you keep at producing long enough, a lot of the process and the tools become like second nature, and that’s when you get really productive naturally, or you have to start exerting a different kind of effort to stay fresh.

What DJ equipment did you use to make the mix?

I made this mix in Ableton, with an X-Session midi controller.

Are there any sections or transitions of this mix you think turned out especially well?

I’m proud of my remix of William Onyeabor’s track (free download available here) and how it blended into the Cromie & Sage Caswell track. There is something so modern about Onyeabor’s track which was what drew me to it in the first place, and it’s clear that its aesthetics fit alongside those of tracks being released today. I also really like how Vines flows into Octo Octa’s “Cause I Love You”. Then again, that’s probably more his (Michael’s) doing than mine. I love playing the works of artists I’ve met along the way and hopefully this mix shows some love in those directions. I’ve personally met almost everyone artist in this mix. I met Moonstarr recently in Montreal, and I just had to include his track. It’s the perfect blend of old school sampling, polyrhythm, and soul!

What’s your process for track selection and how what’s different when you’re playing out vs making a mix?

For making a mix, I pick a vibe that I’m going for, and then select tracks to work along that. It’s more subconscious and more flexible to me because I’m not thinking about making a mass of people dancing necessarily. At the club, I’m trying to pay attention to the ebb and flow of the crowd and its response. The next track I play is my response to them, so there’s more of a vibe that is only possible between people in the same room. With mixes, I love the chance to play tracks that really hit alongside ones that just make you sit back and sigh.

Any upcoming projects or releases?

I’m still playing out, promoting my 100% Silk Record. I have a couple of 12″ releases due out on new sublabels of Rotating Souls Records and Local Talk. Beyond that, everything’s still ‘under construction’ :)

Policy’s Postscript EP is available now from 100% Silk and can be purchased from their website here. Be sure to follow him on Soundcloud and Facebook.


Gunnar Haslam – Bera Range (Argot)
Motor City Drum Ensemble – The Stranger (MCDE)
Sub-Urban Soul – Domything (Untitled Mix 2) (Sub-Urban)
Catamaran – Gymnasium (Fort Romeau Remix) (Discovery)
Chris E. Pants – Hello? (Alex Burkat’s Recipe) (The Nite Owl Diner)
Todd Osborn – 5thep (Blueberry)
Policy – Wiseblood (100% Silk)
Chase Smith – 27 Summers (Argot)
Chris Mitchell – 213NL (Anunnaki Cartel)
Paul Funkee – Orange Fall (Leap4rog)
Policy – Warm Up (BEEF)
Policy – Hit Gone Bad (Argot)
Silent Servant – Mi Alma (Historia y Violencia)
William Onyeabor – Something You’ll Never Forget (Policy Remix) (Luaka Bop)
Cromie & Sage Caswell – Vines (Peach)
Octo Octa – Cause I Love You (forthcoming 100% Silk)
Moonstarr – Broken Bossa (Public Transit Recordings)


(Policy Photo by Day 7 Photography)