Dubspot Radio Podcast: The Heatwave (Exclusive Dancehall Mix)

This episode of Dubspot Radio welcomes Gabriel Heatwave, a founding member of the London-based dancehall crew The Heatwave with an exclusive dancehall mix.

The Heatwave

Gabriel Heatwave, a founding member of the London-based dancehall collective The Heatwave dropped by Dubspot NY to deliver an exclusive mix featuring the finest Jamaican dancehall and reggae in the UK. Gabriel’s set delivers a perfect dose of tropical goodness loaded with original cuts and fresh tunes from dancehall heavyweights like Sean Paul, Elephant Man, and Natalie as well as specials from Mr. Lexx, Ward 21, Maxwell D, Bounty Killer, Busy Signal, and many others. Tune in and witness UK’s bashment raving scandal first hand.




1. Mr. Lexx – Diggy (The Heatwave Special – Flatlands Riddim)
2. Mr. Vegas, Natalie Storm – Doggy (Flatlands Riddim)
3. Linton ‘TJ’ White – DNA Riddim
4. Vybz Kartel – Turn & Wine
5. Ballaz – Style & Swagga Riddim
6. Focus Ryte – Name Brand Modelling (Style & Swagga Riddim)
7. Mr. Lexx – Mi Waan Know (Style & Swagga Riddim)
8. Terro 3000 – Likkle and Neat (Style & Swagga Riddim)
9. Beenie Man – Good Inna (Style & Swagga Riddim)
10. RDX – Deliver Me (Style & Swagga Riddim)
11. Seanizzle – One Day Riddim
12. Khago – Nah Sell Out (One Day Riddim)
13. Mr. G – Swaggarific (One Day Riddim)
14. Future Fambo, Beenie Man – Drinking Rum (One Day Riddim)
15. Serocee – Badeng
16. The Heatwave, Serocee – War Dance (Instrumental)
17. Bounty Killer – Stand Firm (Acapella)
18. Assassin – Idiot Thing Dat (Acapella)
19. The Heatwave, Serocee – War Dance
20. Equiknoxx – Jim Screechie Riddim
21. Aidonia – Jackhammer (Jim Screechie Riddim)
22. Yolanda Be Cool, DCUP – We No Speak Americano
23. Maxwell D – Sexicano (The Heatwave Special – Americano Riddim)
24. Busy Signal – Gal Bounce (Americano Riddim)
25. Sticky – Battery Riddim
26. Mad Dog – Tek De Floor (Acapella – The Heatwave Special)
27. Lady Chann – Eye Too Fast (Acapella)
28. Natalie Storm – Play Di Ting (Acapella – The Heatwave Special)
29. Roska – Squark
30. Mr. Vegas – Heads High (The Heatwave Refix – Squark Riddim)
31. Spooky – Coolie Dance Refix
32. Elephant Man – Stop Hitch (Acapella)
33. Ward 21 – We Nuh Fraid (The Heatwave Special)
34. Redlight – MDMA
35. Ms. Dynamite – What You Talking About?! (MDMA Riddim)
36. Natalie Storm – Bang Bang (MDMA Riddim)
37. Wayne Marshall – Stay Far (Catalog Riddim)
38. Aidonia – We A Tek It Off (Catalog Riddim)
39. Vybz Kartel – Whine (Wine)
40. Vybz Kartel – Better Can Wuk
41. Beenie Man – Dance & Killy Dem (Circus Riddim)
42. Sean Paul – Hey Ya (Circus Riddim)
43. Jeremy Harding – Circus Riddim
44. Busy Signal – Picante (Acapella)
45. Gappy Ranks – New York City


About The Heatwave

The Heatwave are the UK’s number one bashment sound and a non-stop dancehall party like nothing you’ve ever seen.. Everywhere they go is a carnival, from their weekly Rinse FM show to raves all over the world. When The Heatwave touchdown it’s madness: pure hype and energy. Huge tunes and quickfire mixing, scandalous dancing, and people banging on the walls for reloads.

“We love this music. We want to tell everyone about it.”

The Heatwave sound ties together Jamaica and the UK. Their powerful compilations and mixes show how dancehall is the root of jungle, garage, grime, dubstep, and funky.

Connect with The Heatwave on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Website


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