Dubspot Plug-In Spotlight: Compression / Saturation – Sausage Fattener by Dada Life

Welcome to Dubspot’s new Plug-In Spotlight series, where we’ll be investigating noteworthy VST/AU virtual instruments and effects that can help expand the sonic palette and depth of your productions. In this first edition we look at Dada Life’s ubiquitous Sausage Fattener, a compressor/saturator effect that has crept into many studios over the past year.

Sausage Fattener

“How do you get that sound?” is a question that Swedish electronic music producers Dada Life get asked a lot. In response, they made a plug-in effect that will help you get their sought-after saturation and compression in a small and affordable package. “Hook up this fat bastard to your favorite DAW (AU and VST on both PC/Mac) and get dirty,” explains Dada Life. When we first saw photos of the Sausage Fattener appear online last year, we assumed it was a joke. The smiling sausage and minimalist approach to control didn’t look like the plug-in effects we are used to. Effects devices should be serious, shouldn’t they? But then we watched a slow and steady conquest as producers big and small started touting the Sausage Fattener’s abilities. It started with names like Tiësto, Kaskade, Diplo, and Laidback Luke. But then suddenly many of our peers were also touting the Sausage Fattener’s capabilities and reasonable price ($29) as a useful tool that helps boost your signal with a bit of compression and warmth.

“The Sausage Fattener only has two knobs. But don’t be fooled. With those seemingly simple parameters you can create loads of different sounds. Use the Sausage Fattener on a single channel with moderate settings as a musical compressor. Turn it up and you have a dirty bastard of distortion. But you can also use the plug-in on a bus (for example all the drums and the bass) or the whole track as a mastering plug-in.” - Dada Life

Fatter, Greasier Sound

Developed with the help of developers Tailored Noise, the Sausage Fattener is a clever way of giving other producers Dada Life’s signature compression sound without giving up the secret of how they really did it in the first place. Which is fine because at $29 you can’t complain with the results you get out of it. It works to help beef up almost any type of signal — from making MP3s sound warmer to giving your synth some oomph to making drums and bass sound dirty and raw and punchy. Depending on how far you drive the signal, you can get subtle or exaggerated results.”I find putting it at 10% on subbass really helps. If you you go too far, it starts getting distorted, but that little bump makes it nice and warm and fat,” explains Dubspot’s Professor Nalepa, who says that members of his Team Supreme collective in Los Angeles are fans of the plug-in as well. “Mike [Parvizi of Virtual Boy] likes to put it on his bass and crank it.”

Dada Life

Dada Life are a Sweedish electronic music duo that formed in 2006 with an electro-house sound that became popular on the festival circuit. More recently they have gained much exposure with heavy-hitting remixes for commercial artists such as Lady Gaga, Kaskade, David Guetta, Madonna, Duck Sauce and Justin Bieber. The Dada Life signature is a big, heavy and compressed sound that has put them on stages worldwide as DJs who bring a sense of humor to the waves of bass they’ve become known for. The Sausage Fattener is currently championed by Tiësto, Kaskade, Diplo, Laidback Luke, Chuckie, Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South, Hardwell, Angger Dimas, Frank E, Zedd, Lazy Rich, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Marcus Schossow, John Dahlbäck and many other DJ/producers.