Dubspot @ Outlook Festival 2013! Highlights w/ Digital Mystikz, Loefah, Kode9, Elijah & Skilliam, Shiftee, and More!

Dubspot contributor Katya Guseva travelled to Croatia’s Outlook Festival earlier this year to catch a first-hand view of the highlights including Dubspot’s boat party with DJ Shiftee and sets from DJs EZ, Loefah, DMZ, Roska, Royal T, Kode9, and more.


If you follow bass music producers or DJs on Twitter, you may have seen quite a bit of the #outlookfestival hashtag over the past two weeks. This is no surprise, given the 450+ dub, dubstep, drum and bass, grime, and hip hop acts on the lineup of Croatia’s Outlook festival. We’ve just returned from this bass music mecca, and despite the record amount of consecutive waking hours, we’ve come back inspired, refreshed, and already plotting our way back for the next year.

While we went with the aim of reporting back with lots of pictures and videos, we had many moments when we had to drop the camera and get down on the dance floor! A few favorite moments:

DJ EZ at The Clearing


Daaamn! DJ EZ: award-winning turntablist, UK Garage and Bassline frontman, the man who started a mosh pit at Boiler Room. We knew we were seeing a true legend when the exhausted 2,000+ crowd got a second wind at 5 a.m, singing along to every anthem this badman mixed effortlessly with the skills of a DMC champion. Yes, this happened. Yes, it blew our minds.

Getting Low during Loefah vs. DMZ

The Clearing stage hosted many epic experiences, but by far the most exciting moment happened during the Digital Mystikz vs. Loefah set, when MC Chunky ordered the crowd to get low and stay there till the drop of Spooky’s “Spartan.” Every single raver obediently fell to the ground, impatiently waiting for the bassline, finally bursting into the air when “What is your profession?” came through the speakers. We saw Loefah’s grin as Flowdan’s arms and Mala’s dreads swayed in the strobe lights. It was an absolutely ecstatic moment for everyone involved.

Dubspot + Big Up boat party


We were on a boat. We had great music. Nothing else was a bother. It was epic. How could it not be, with Dubspot’s own DJ Shiftee–twice DMC Champion–on the boat, doing what he does best. Right after Shiftee blew everyone’s mind, Joe Nice took over, kicking off with Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” and sailing all the way through to “DMZ vs MZN.” After that, Indigo rocked the boat (literally), making waves in the deep waters of the Adriatic. Then came an unannounced appearance by DJ Distance (back to back with Tunnidge) who kicked off his set teasing the crowd with five-second fragments of tracks. Beyond that, all we can tell you is that dancing, ear plugs, and numerous bass faces were involved.

Moment #4: Mala in Cuba (More like Mala in Croatia…)


When we docked, we found ourselves in the middle of a few thousand ravers waiting for a live show by Mala, accompanied by two Cuban drummers, Swindle on keys, and the lovely Holly Holden on vocals for two very special songs. The Deep Medi don brought a peaceful and meditative energy to the Harbour stage–eyes down, lighters in the air, the bassweight etched in our memories.

Moment #5: Rinse takeover


Rude, raw, and rowdy: the Rinse takeover with Roska, Royal T, Kode9, Elijah & Skilliam, and a surprise Swindle appearance. The last night of the festival united everyone, bringing out every last drop of energy: moshpit in the crowd, and absolute madness on the decks. It was all crowned by Swindle’s stage dive. Sunrise at Mungo’s Arena, with Butterz and the Rinse family in full effect perfectly rounded up Outlook 2013, leaving us eager for Outlook 2014–the next chapter in our bass music adventure.


 Katya Guseva is a writer, graphic designer, and founder of Big Up, a magazine about bass music and sound system culture, founded in Brooklyn, NY.